At first it seems to be a patchwork of contrast that leaves you wondering, yet its lasting impression is that of an integrated being.

For its size - you could probably drive right around the island in a very long day - it is probably the most diverse and varied little island on the planet. The impression is that it is a contrast of the devotional and the material, and yet there are a million things in between.

Despite its busyness (and that's an understatement!) there is a serenity in Bali, and it can be found at every corner. Just the daily floral offerings to the Hindu gods remind us, as do celebratory processions in the streets and peaceful courtyards, that there is an overarching calmness in Bali.

The art and craftsmanship is extraordinary in whatever material, be it stone, wood, metal or fabric. The silver and gold jewellery can be extraordinarily beautiful, and the intricate workmanship superb. You will definitely be seeing some of that inspiration coming through our Najo collections in the months to come.

Oh Bali! I'm coming back to visit you!

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