Exploring classic ball jewellery and other bead, bauble and orb shapes

When it comes to enduring shapes in jewellery, nothing could more fundamental than the sphere. It’s the naturally occurring shape of a perfect pearl. It’s the sun, the moon, the earth.

Our designers draw endless inspiration from nature’s most majestic elements and re-create this classic orb shape in luminous sterling silver, along with yellow-gold and rose-gold plate.

In ball form, the metal takes the place of a gemstone or bauble and becomes its own centrepiece on rings, bangles, bracelets, pendants, chokers and earrings.

Having a ball? Here’s why

There’s an easy-to-guess reason why beads in jewellery are almost always shaped as spheres: comfort. No corners or edges to scratch the other beads or poke into skin or pull on clothes. Smooth, gliding, perfectly symmetrical beads are the ultimate in luxury and precision. They feel wonderful, move effortlessly, reflect light beautifully and will never go out of style – at least not while the earth orbits the sun!

A smooth, celestial sphere reflects in all directions equally, meaning even the simplest sterling silver bauble will play with light and movement in endlessly fascinating ways.

It’s a shape embedded in our DNA

NAJO’s ball jewellery is at once thoroughly modern, minimalist and timeless.

There’s our take on the classic ball bracelet, ideal for stacking with other bangles and a modern update on the traditional pearl bracelet.

Similarly, our radiant sterling silver ball earrings in hoops, studs or hanging drops are effortlessly chic and enduring, ideal for everyday wear.

Our two-tone Shine rings are spectacular when worn as a tricoloured stack. The yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver baubles sit in an artful, high-profile jumble on the finger.

Inspired by generations of classic jewellery before us, we have been reinterpreting sterling silver ball jewellery since NAJO began, and will continue to do so in fresh, contemporary ways.

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