Jewels of the jungle

Revealed! The inspiration behind NAJO’s new AW18 collection

It’s that time of year again! The time we introduce our latest collection of exquisite sterling silver jewellery.

Inspired by the fashion catwalks, NAJO releases a new themed jewellery story two times a year. This season, we’ve taken our inspiration from the deep dark mysteries of Brazil’s jungles.

As always in the NAJO tradition, our newest collection has a Spanish name – a fitting tribute to our Mexican spirit. ‘La Selva’ literally translates to “The Jungle” and continues our rich history of drawing inspiration from the natural world and our most exotic travel adventures.


Exploring the essence of the jungle

Just like the legendary Amazon, La Selva is a tapestry of colours and textures, shapes and sensations. This collection is as diverse and rich as the rainforest itself.

Inspired by the broad-leafed shapes of jungle plant life, we have the organic shapes and undulating curves of gleaming sterling silver bangles, pendants and hoops.

Drawing on the vibrant greens of the rainforest’s leaves and vines are our new-season gemstones in light bright green prehnite and muted jade-green chalcedony.

Reflecting the dark, earthy underbelly of the jungle, with all its mysteries and moodiness, are our designs in black onyx and smoky quartz.

The rippled texture of hammered silver on our new wide bangles and orb earrings, meanwhile, hints at the shadows and light filtration of the tree canopies high above.

Evoking the steamy heat of the tropics are our newest creations in rose gold and two-tone. Our most luscious two-tone designs are punctuated with luminous pearls, reminiscent of the moon’s glow.

This is nature at its most mysterious, moody and exotic, from the deep green heart of the jungle to its darkest and most tantalising secrets.