New gemstone jewellery: buy better, buy forever

With so much to distract us (Netflix binges, endless Instagram stories, fast fashion), is it any wonder that we’re craving more connection to natural materials, handcrafted objects, the artisan over the mass-produced?

What’s the ultimate antithesis of a 10-second video that disappears in 24 hours?

One answer is a carefully crafted artisan piece of jewellery that lasts forever, comprising precious sterling silver and exquisite stones sourced from the earth.

Choosing to wear forever jewellery is a powerful way to express our values. Values of sustainability. Thoughtfulness. Considered consumerism. The value of choosing a single investment piece instead of 10 inferior/disposable/fast-fashion accessories.

Investment dressing takes confidence, maturity and contemplation. It comes with understanding of your personal style, and a desire to tell a story of yourself that is about more than the latest catwalk trends.

Reconnect to nature, quality & sustainable style

Expressing your personal values with your fashion choices can be both fulfilling and powerful. Choosing to wear (or gift) jewellery from a brand like NAJO means supporting local/independent Australian industry, buying less but buying better, and opting for genuine stones and high-quality sterling silver that will stand the test of time.

These are heirloom pieces to be enjoyed through the generations.

The real deal rocks

Choose gemstones that speak to your personal style story and reconnect you to nature’s unmatched beauty. Make your choice based on a favourite colour, or your birthstone. The celestial creaminess of moonstone is given an updated warmth with a frame of yellow gold in our new two-tone Antonia Earring and matching Antonia Ring.

Those who love soft and feminine pinks and lavenders will adore the pastel perfection of our Amazonia Teardrop Earring in rose quartz or blue lace agate. Rose quartz is also considered the stone of love, said to promote a romantic energy and heal matters of the heart.

Amethyst, meanwhile, February’s birthstone, brings its unmistakable lilac beauty to NAJO’s new Shelby Hoop Earrings, with their delicate dancing design.

If you prefer the look of faceted gemstones to cabochon, the sparkling blue topaz of our Circa Ring evokes crystal summer waters and clean, modernist design.

When it comes to forever jewellery, NAJO’s latest gemstone collection has you covered in style. Which will you choose to tell your story?