I have always loved the decorations of the Mexican cowboy or Charro. These metal embellishments are delightful. They adorn boots, belt buckles, jackets, sombreros, saddles and reins. The “Charro” story in the Fiesta Collection takes its inspiration from these motifs.


I imagine proud, skillful horsemen, prancing horses, twirling lassoos and the wide sierra. I hear Mariachis singing the traditional rancheros.

Tequila Sunrise EarringStaircase to Heaven EarringPearl Ice Cream Earring

Mixed metal discs hanging from cord necklaces, pyramid shapes on stretch bracelets, spinning rings, beaten brass and silver collars are just some of the designs from Charro.

Staircase to Heaven BraceletStaircase to Heaven ChokerSunrise to Sunset Bracelet

Brassed Off RingFiesta Signature RingLunar Eclipse Ring II

Embrace the Mexican spirit with “Charro”!!

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