Your step-by-step to choosing well – no matter who you’re buying for

Step 1: Make it precious

If you’re shopping during this festive season and you’re aiming to please, then opt for fine jewellery. Beautiful, precious and enduring, it’s truly the gift that keeps giving. The beauty of sterling silver jewellery is that there’s a style to suit every taste, age, budget and inclination. It’s a failsafe gift choice for mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, friends, nieces or colleagues.

Step 2: Suss out their style

Start looking for clues to your gift recipient’s style. Fashion-wise, do they veer towards classic and chic, edgy and modern, soft and romantic or eclectic and boho?

If in doubt, play it safe with clean, simple pieces that can work in with a multitude of styles.

Step 3: What piece to choose?

How do you decide between a bracelet, earrings, ring or necklace? Our advice is to look to their existing jewellery preferences. If you’ve never seen them wear a necklace, but bracelets feature often, then that might be your best bet. Go for tried and true. Also consider sizing. If you’re not confident on their ring size or whether a short necklace will sit at the right length, consider earrings or a cuff instead.

Step 4: The right tone

Is the wearer more of a gold or silver person? And is that yellow or rose gold? Or do they tend to mix it up? For example, a platinum wedding ring set paired with a two-tone watch or vintage gold locket. In that case, your safest bet is a stunning two-tone piece that will work beautifully with all their existing jewellery, no matter how eclectic.

Need a little more guidance?

Match your gift recipient with the description that best applies to them:

They love to wear and decorate with bold, vibrant colours.

Go for stones and turquoise in vivid aqua, deep lapis, mint and pink.

They’re not shy about making a statement – the bolder, the better.

Shop our most eye-catching, showstopping sterling silver jewellery pieces.

They are always impeccably groomed and understated – the epitome of ‘less is more’.

Opt for fine and simple styles, such as a tiny pair of stud earrings or a barely there bracelet.

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