Your “forever” jewellery collection

Just as fashion has its must-haves for timeless, foolproof style (chic ballet flats, flattering blue jeans, a perfect little black dress), so too does jewellery. At NAJO, there are six essential pieces we believe every woman should own to make their day-to-day jewellery wardrobe complete.

If you’re a jewellery lover, chances are you already own several pieces in each of these categories. But maybe it’s time to consider whether these pieces still make the cut. Do you love it every time you put it on? Does the style look as fresh and timeless as the day you chose it? Has the quality held up over time?

You might find some of your pieces are ready for an upgrade. To something that better tells the story of who you are today. Or maybe you’re still coveting that important designer piece. Our essentials guide doesn’t include those fun and frivolous pieces that come and go with fashion, or those special-occasion showstoppers. Essentials are the quiet achievers that will stand by you, year after year. Unlike even the finest clothing, which is subject to wear and tear, fashion, ageing and weight fluctuations, your jewellery essentials will be with you forever, requiring little more than the occasional polish. These are your true wardrobe investments.

1. The Classic Bangle or Cuff: Opt for highly polished sterling silver in a substantial, luxurious profile that lends an unmistakable confidence and flair to your look, no matter what your age.

2. The Ball or Curb Bracelet: A timeless addition to your jewellery wardrobe, a classic bracelet style can be worn chunky or fine to suit your personality and shape. It will take you from jeans to a suit in style, any day of the week.

3. The Stud Earring: Your go-to earring of choice in between the times you feel like something a little more showy or flirty. These simple staples will always leave you looking dressed and polished no matter how casual you’re feeling or what other jewellery you’re wearing.

4. The Classic Drop Earring: A perfect way to instantly update your look from casual to considered, or from day to evening. A sleek shape of shimmering silver brings light to your face, accentuating a great haircut, a snappy jacket or elongating your neckline.

6. The Signature Ring: For true style, women in the know have always understood the power of a great ring. Nothing too showy – just a strong, clean shape crafted in gorgeous quality silver.

6.The Timeless Pendant: Find a classic design you love, the chain style you prefer and a length that works with your body shape, and your pendant necklace will become a high-rotating essential in your weekly wardrobe.

Feeling inspired? Now’s the time to declutter your jewellery box, pare it back to include only those things that you really love. And always remember to choose quality over quantity, follow our guidelines above and you’ll have 6 classic, failsafe pieces to stand the test of time and rise to any occasion.

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