NAJO’s brand new jewellery range celebrates the mystery and beauty of the sun

It may be the heart of winter right now in the southern hemisphere, but at NAJO we have our sights set firmly on blissful summer days and sultry sunsets ahead. Welcome to El Sol, our newest line of jewellery pairing dazzling sterling silver with warm golden accents and glowing stones in sea-like hues.

Spanish for “the sun”, El Sol is designed to complement last season’s celestial La Luna collection. Each creation takes its cues from the sun’s immense power, summer’s irresistible vitality and the unmistakable spirit of Mexico.

Design inspiration: Sun worship & life in Mexico

Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have venerated the sun as a symbol of power and strength, life and rebirth, light and positive energy. Sun worship was central to life in ancient Mexico, for cultures such as the Mayans and Aztecs. The sun was a divine, life-giving force whose movements would be closely watched as they would impact every aspect of life, especially agriculture.

Like the sun, growing corn was so fundamental to Mexican life that it formed the basis of many ancient rituals and festivals. The humble corn tortilla remains a staple throughout Mexico, its golden round from serving as an apt reminder that we are all blessed every day by the same mighty sun.

About the collection

Highly polished sterling silver is the genesis for every new bracelet, ring, necklace and earring in the El Sol collection. Undulating sand dunes are evoked in sculptural cuffs and bangles, while warm rays of sunlight are recalled in multi-band chokers and statement rings stacked with rows of fine silver lines. Meanwhile, beaten silver makes an appearance in large bangles, spectacular collars, matching earrings, statement cuffs and wide rings, reminiscent of dappled sunlight dancing across water. More playfully still, beaten silver covered in luxe yellow gold alludes to the nourishing corn so intrinsic to Mexican life.

Always popular, our ball bracelets are back in a big way this season. We’ve combed the NAJO archives to bring back some of our bestsellers, plus added fresh new designs incorporating radiant spheres of sterling silver in fine and chunky bracelets, slim cuffs, delicate necklaces, shining rings and drop earrings. Each orb-like bead perfectly echoes the sun’s intensity and glory.

NAJO’s signature two-tone is taken to a thrilling new level with El Sol – sun-kissed yellow and rose gold paired with sterling silver in stunning new styles designed to layer, mix and match. Colourful gemstone accents are all decidedly summery too, with marine blue lapis, aqua turquoise, seafoam-green apatite and glowing pearl all making an appearance in this heart-warming collection.

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