Of all aspects in the human psyche we think hope is the most affirmative.

Hope gives strength and comfort in times of adversity and opens us up to view broader horizons.

So here at Najo we are excited to release our Esperanza Collection for Spring/Summer.

We always allude to Najo's Mexican origins by defining our collections with Spanish titles.

Esperanza means hope in Spanish and it evokes all the reassurance and serenity of a joyful destiny.

Glittering gold plated silver is crafted into intricate designs reflecting the flush of new dawns. Shimmering diamond cut multi toned bracelets and bangles just beg to be stacked together.

Bold and sculptural handmade polished silver creations speak to that confident aspect in us all. Big chain bracelets and textured bangles are designed with that classic Najo aesthetic.

Esperanza will be released on our website over the next few weeks, but search for your nearest stockist and see it all in store now!

Awaken the authentic and confident depths of your soul, and look forward to bright, happy days with Esperanza.

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