"I envision jewellery as a primal desire for human expression. It communicates who you are and has transformational powers. Everyone has their own story to tell."

Jo Tory


The art of beautiful self-expression.

Since time immemorial, symbolic jewellery has played a role in the rituals of self-expression steeped in meaning beyond external beauty. From love, friendship and success to luck, protection and loyalty, we invite you to discover the elegant Totem piece that speaks to you while reflecting your unique and beautiful sense of style.


NAJO's beautiful Totem jewellery designs pay homage to mythology, ancient history, spirituality and cultures, inviting a wealth of meaningful interpretations. Here, our NAJO Totem designers explore the meanings and vitality they attribute to each of these head-turning pieces.


Bringing a bee totem into your life symbolises teamwork and accomplishment.

It empowers you to live your dream and to remember that life is sweet.

Your Totem for:

Love ⦁ Success ⦁ Wealth ⦁ Communication ⦁ Wisdom ⦁ Loyalty



The beautiful scarab amulet is thought to represent rebirth and eternity.

Ancient myths spoke of scarab adornments as a way to promote a long and healthy life.

Your Totem for:

Eternity ⦁ Health ⦁ Transformation ⦁ Renewal ⦁ Protection



Bacchus (Roman) was the god of wine, fertility, revelry and theatre, gifting you a myriad of ways to interpret these gorgeous jewellery designs. The stunning coin with the image of Bacchus is struck from an original Roman coin, dating back to 90BC and features Pegasus on the reverse.

Your Totem for:

Fertility ⦁ Joy ⦁ Vitality ⦁ Celebration


Adorning yourself in our bewitching winged Pegasus jewellery represents the ultimate freedom to imagine and experience life without fear. It is your lucky charm to inspire and remind you to live life to the fullest.

The stunning coin with Pegasus is struck from an original Roman coin, dating back to 90BC and features Bacchus on the reverse.

Your Totem for:

Optimism ⦁ Inspiration ⦁ Opportunity ⦁ Freedom ⦁ Self-Love ⦁ Happiness


Equal parts hard-working and sweet, the Golden Bee Bracelet is your loyal style partner for day-to-night dressing. The beautiful gold plated bee totem hugs the limelight in a sterling silver disc with etched bee detailing around the side. For easy adornment, we've added an adjustable slider to the ball and box chain, giving it a glamorous contemporary edge. Also own your Bee Totem on a Sterling Silver Ring, a pair of Earrings or a Necklace. The Bee totem is also available in Rose Gold. It’s your totem for love, success, wisdom or loyalty.

Said to represent eternity, the glamorous scarab totem was thought to have supernatural powers of protection in Ancient Egyptian times. Our artisans have immortalised its silhouette in a sterling silver disc with beautiful scarab detailing around the edge. Wear this Totem on your favorite piece of jewellery whether it is a Ring, Necklace, Bracelet or a pair of Earrings. It’s your totem for eternity, health, transformation or protection.


Parade the Roman god of wine, fertility and revelry on one side and then swivel to a symbol of freedom on the other! Whichever way you wear it, this meaningful statement totem begs to accompany you everywhere. Our silversmiths have struck your gold plated Bacchus/Pegasus totem from an original Roman coin before placing it in a luminous sterling silver setting. Choose an induvial piece or complete the set with the Bracelet, Earrings, Necklace or Ring.

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