Find out what all the hoop-la is about with the earring of the season

Hoops… they’ve been around forever, and while their popularity certainly ebbs and flows with fashion, our enduring love for hoop earrings shows no signs of abating.

Hoops through history

The wealthy ancients of modern-day Iran, Greece, Egypt and beyond were already wearing finely crafted golden hoops thousands of years ago. By the 19th century, hoop earrings were enormously popular on men and women alike. The stereotypical pirate of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island would often be depicted wearing golden hoops, while large silver-coloured hoops were the height of fashion for young men like this one in Calcutta. For the peasant women of Italy at this time, feather-light gold hoops like these were commonplace, despite their humble means.

Famous hoop earrings in pop culture

By the height of the disco era in the 1970s, hoops had become dramatically oversized pieces of costume jewellery and reflected the exaggerated fashions of that time. By the close of the 1980s, it was the earring of choice for pop icons and rebels. Janet Jackson wore a key hanging from a hoop on the cover of her 1989 Rhythm Nation album (which was said to unlock the cage to brother Michael’s beloved pet animals) and set off a fresh fascination for the earring style.

Julia Roberts wore golden hoops as a hooker in her seminal role in Pretty Woman, prior to her Cinderella transformation courtesy of Richard Gere. The trashy-cool reputation of hoops hung around throughout the 1990s, until Carrie Bradshaw catapulted them back into cult fashion status in Sex and the City. Today they are worn by the world’s most stylish celebrities, from Khloe Kardashian to Angelina Jolie.

How to wear your hoops

Needless to say, hoop earrings aren’t designed for wallflowers. They frame the face in just the right way to draw attention to rather than distract from your best features. These are earrings most at home with casual wear; perfect partners for denim, turtlenecks and t-shirts. Yet paired with a wrap dress they can become sassy date wear; with a caftan, they spell glam resort style.

NAJO’s newest hoops

Make a statement with the latest selection of sterling silver hoop earrings released as part of NAJO's newest collection La Tierra. Choose from large sizes in thin profiles, or thicker hoops in a more compact hang. Along with the classic round hoop, NAJO has designed geometric, angled hoops for an on-trend look. And along with stunning sterling silver, there are vibrant yellow gold, rose gold and two-tone designs to coordinate perfectly with the rest of your jewellery box.

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