Showing gratitude towards the strong women in our lives is the perfect way to unify during this surreal time. Let’s celebrate all the women in our lives who care, sacrifice, and become our role models- especially those who are medical professionals working on the front line of defense against COVID-19. We know every woman expresses their own style differently, our gift guide edits are here to assure you that there is a perfect NAJO design for every woman!  

With over 300 beautiful styles to choose from online, we understand the choice can be overwhelming and have put together 4 edits of our bestselling pieces to help you find that perfect gift. Combined with our FREE shipping on all orders and FREE 30 day returns, it's never been easier to have Mother's Day sorted.

Timeless, Classic Edit:

The perfect Mother's Day Gift Edit for those that love a classic, timeless look. Beautiful sterling silver pieces in minimal silhouettes, designed to be worn & cherished for a lifetime.
Mum will feel elegant as The Shayla Bangle Rose elevates any jewellery look to a contemporary status.
The Carolina Ring creates a striking dual-toned design with beaten Silver highlighted by two bronze rings.
Mum will bask in the beauty and ease of these carry-me-everywhere earrings. The Baby Tears Earrings Rose are in 925 sterling silver plated in Rose Gold.
These pieces withstand the test of time and are sure to become a staple of Mum’s jewellery collection and a loved item in her jewellery box.

1. Rabble Earrings, $79.00, 2.Martillado Bangle, $119.00, 3.My Silent Tears Earrings Yellow, $89.00 4.Golden Glow Ring, $89.00, 5.Carolina Ring, $159.00, 6.Carolina Ring Silver, $189.00.

 7. Mercury Necklace, $169.00, 8. Baby Tears Earrings Rose, $69.00, 9. Shayla Bangle Rose, $169.00, 10. Shayla Earrings Rose, $139.00, 11. Naj ‘ O’ Necklace, $99.00,

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Trend Edit:

For the mother that keeps her pulse on the latest trends and loves designs with a twist to reflect her unique look: our Trend edit makes it easier than ever to find the perfect Mother's Day Gift.
From our latest collection ‘Totem’ the Rosy Bee Earring is an easy way to accessories and style a successful outfit. The Rose Gold Plated Bee totem takes center stage in a silver disc with pretty bee silhouettes around the edge –making a statement of their own.
With an illuminating silhouette of graduating oval links, the Barbara Necklace is the perfect way for mum to inspire a look that’s out of this world.
The Primo Ring showcases a fresh take on the classic signet ring and is made for monogramming. Show mum your gratitude by engraving the initial of your family name.

1.Rosy Bee Necklace, $149.00, 2. Rosy Bee Earrings, $199.00, 3. Rosy Bee Ring, $159.00, 4. Mercy Earrings, $129.00, 5. Classic Bangle, $179.00

6Tumbaga Amarres Earring, $129.00, 7. Tumbaga Amarres Wide Bangle, $279.00, 8. Tumbaga Amarres Bangle, $149.00, 9.Grand Rosy Glow Earring, $129.00, 10. Grand Rosy Glow Ring, $119.00, 11. Primo Ring, $149.00, 12. Barbara Bracelet, $139.00,

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Luxurious Edit:

Our edit of luxurious high-end designs are truly investment pieces, crafted from high quality 925 sterling silver and gold/rose gold plating.
A cluster of sterling silver curbs links and orbs unite with a contemporary T-bar clasp creates a bold, beautiful and quintessentially Najo design.  The Fossick Necklace is the perfect piece to spoil mum with.
The Weeping Widow Bangle will enhance Mum’s style to effortless glamour as high polished sterling silver gently curves into a teardrop, reflecting the pure tranquillity of light.
Mum will glow with the curves and shape of the Brazen Earring Rose, a Sterling Silver Rose Gold Plated pair of earrings.

1. Weeping Widow Earrings $179.00, 2. Weeping Widow Bangle $299.00, 3. Big Mama Hoops $199.00, 4. Majestica Bracelet $699.00 5. Fossick Necklace $199.00, 6. Natalia Cuff $549.00, 

7. Big Spratling Necklace $859.00, 8. Caravanserai Bangle $229.00 9. Juno Rose Gold Necklace $389.00, 10. Ares Yellow Gold Necklace $359.00 11. Amarres Wide Bangle $229.00, 12. Brazen Earring Rose $199.00

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Gifts Under $150 Edit:

On a budget? No problem. Find a great gift for Mum with these suggestions under $150. Gorgeous 925 sterling silver designs that will bring a glow to anyone's look.
From our first collection of 2020 ‘New Moon’ the sterling silver band of the Weeping Widow Ring pools into an organic teardrop shape, creating a fresh and captivating aura.  
Help mum get her glow on with the Pretty Pebble Bracelet. Alternating Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Plated pebbles work together in creating this gorgeous bracelet.
If Mum likes to layer her jewellery, the Like a Breeze Necklace is the perfect gift. Ideally worn wrapped twice around the neck this necklace creates layers of radiance.

1. Blameless Necklace, $79.00, 2. Blameless Earrings, $59.00, 3. Pretty Pebble Bracelet, $129.00, 4. Springtime Earring Rose, $79.00, 5. Baby Rosy Glow Ring, $79.00, 6. Double Beat Thread Earring Rose, $69.00, 7. Double Beat Thread Earring, $59.00

8. You’re My Love Knot Bangle, $139.00, 9. Silver Glow Necklace, $89.00, 10. Like A Breeze Necklace 80 cm, $79.00, 11. Oh Honey Bangle Yellow, $149.00, 12. Oh Honey Bangle, $149.00, 13. Weeping Widow Ring, $79.00, 14. Kiss Stud, $49.00,


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