5 reasons the brand-new NAJO jewellery box should be number one on your wish list

1. Silver jewellery tarnishes a whole lot less when stored in a jewellery box.

Fact: even the very best quality sterling silver jewellery will eventually darken over time naturally, although it is usually brought straight back to its original lustre with a quick wipe of silver cloth. But the best way to prevent discolouration and extend the period between polishes is to keep your silver collection sitting on soft velvet in a sealed box when you’re not wearing it. 

2. Jewellery will look better for years longer kept in a box rather than tossed together in a dish.

It’s not rocket science: the less chance your jewellery has to tangle, move around or scratch against other jewellery while stored, the less damage it will incur.

3. It’ll save you in the long run.

If you have a designated place for every piece you own, you’ll be able to see at a glance what you have. You’ll be less likely to lose things, and more quick to notice if and when things go missing. Further, when your jewellery is well organised, you’ll get more wear out of it. This is the same premise that applies to your wardrobe. If you can see it, you’re more likely to wear it. If you can’t see it, you’re more likely to forget about it, and maybe even buy something similar all over again instead appreciating what you already own!

4. It’s about time.

At the risk of sounding like high-handed, owning grown-up things means caring for them accordingly. If you’re treating yourself to heirloom-quality jewels, then it’s only fair that you treat them with the respect they need and deserve – and proper storage is the first step.

5. It looks amazing.

Some storage can be practical but unsightly. But a stunning jewellery box will be as much of an asset for your décor as for your jewellery collection. The high-gloss enamel exterior in sleek black or white will make a subtle statement on your dresser, table or bookshelf. Lift the hinged lid to reveal a mirror which can quickly turn any surface into a dressing table, but which also beautifully reflects the sparkling jewels within. The velvet-soft lining, in NAJO’s signature shade, provides the optimum surface for safekeeping all your treasures. Generously sized, the box has ample space for even your most statement-making jewels, with a large hidden chamber beneath a deep top tray, packed with perfect compartments for bangles, rings, earrings, necklaces and more.

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