NAJO is delighted to report that its own managing director and founder, Jo Tory, has been appointed President of the Board of JAA, the Jewellers Association of Australia.

The appointment follows Jo’s two years as a JAA board member and 30-plus years of service to the Australian jewellery industry through the NAJO brand.

“I’m honoured to accept this position and deeply committed to our local jewellery industry across all areas, from design and manufacture to wholesale and retail,” says Jo.

“The JAA exists to represent and protect the interests of the Australian jewellery industry and its consumers. All its members are bound by the JAA Code of Conduct, which is vital to the future growth of the domestic jewellery market.”

The Association works to maintain consumer confidence by ensuring all its members uphold fair, honest and sustainable business practices.

“When consumers shop for jewellery from a JAA member, they can do so with a sense of trust,” says Jo.