The magic of moonlight comes to life in NAJO’s romantic new range

Artists and romantics have always been entranced with the moon, as seen in poetry, art, architecture, design and even technology. La Luna, Spanish for “the moon”, is the newest collection from NAJO.

Like all our other jewellery lines, La Luna draws on the richness of Mexican culture and craftsmanship to tell a very special and individual story.

Design inspiration: the moon and its mythology

People have forever looked to the moon as a symbol of wondrous and infinite possibilities. The moon spells romance, mystery, seduction and intrigue. It is anything but ordinary.

In ancient Mexico, as in other ancient cultures, the moon loomed large. It was an important theme in their calendars, their astrology and of course in their folklore. At NAJO, we have drawn on the legendary history of Mexican storytelling and that culture’s belief in the moon’s powers to bring you our most celestial collection yet.

About the collection: stunning silver and precious stones

From ring to earring, every piece in the La Luna collection has been crafted using highly polished silver jewellery reminiscent of moonlight glimmering across the ocean.

Pendants, cuffs, rings and studs are set with lustrous pearls, echoing the colour and shape of nature’s most mysterious body.

The dark side of the moon is celebrated in bold black onyx,  which has been polished to a smooth matte finish for a look that is strikingly contemporary.

There are also heavenly new pieces featuring our signature oxidised finish, and graphic two-tone designs which combine rose gold and silver for the best of both worlds.

Gemstones this season are decidedly luminous too, from glowing moonstone to ethereal aqua chalcedony.

As with the materials used, shapes in the La Luna collection are out of this world: stylised crescents, orbs and spheres, mystical serpents, cascading drops and rippling contours.

Just as the ancients believed in the magic of the moon, NAJO believes in the transformative powers of wearing beautiful, sophisticated jewellery. We invite you to weave the romance and mystery of La Luna into your personal style to tell a story that is all your own.

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