All the inspiration behind our illuminating new collection

Every year at NAJO we release two seasonal collections focused around one central theme. Each is given a romantic, Spanish name as a nod to our Mexican heritage. Most are informed by nature’s beauty.

Our previous La Tierra collection, for example, was inspired by the raw, rich, rustic beauty of the earth. Last year’s La Luna range, meanwhile, drew its design cues from the magic of the moon.

This season, it’s all about light, or ‘La Luz’.

Modern art offers food for thought

This forthcoming collection is inspired yet again by nature of course, but also by the work of US artist James Turrell. Instead of paint or clay or bronze, Turrell uses light and space as the primary media of his artworks.

NAJO founder Jo Tory explains: “In 2015 I saw the James Turrell exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) in Canberra. The way he uses light to envelop and transport you to a different space is extraordinary. The works bathe you in light, they change your perception and space is conceived in another dimension,” she says.

Turrell has a permanent exhibit, known as a Skyspace, at the NGA titled Within Without 2010. You reach the Skyspace via a long walkway which leads to a central viewing chamber open to the sky. “The changing light of the natural sky as viewed from the Skyspace is so subtle, so serene, it fills you with awe, and a sense of belonging,” says Jo.

In the words of the artist himself: “My work is about space and the light that inhabits it. It is about how you confront that space and plumb it with vision. It is about your seeing, like the wordless thought that comes from looking into fire.”

Playing with light in sterling silver

It’s this scope for contemplation, this rethinking of common perception that excited our designers’ imaginations. Inspired by the way Turrell used light as his medium, we have brought the attributes of light – bright, pastel, graphic, dynamic – to the medium of sterling silver.

Designs for the La Luz collection incorporate ideas of lucidity, precision, light-filled spaces and morning freshness. We can’t wait to show you the entire thrilling new collection the moment it lands! Here's a sneak peek of some of the pastel and light filled stones in the new collection!