Q&A with Sydney model & blogger Lauren Vickers

Combining an affinity for the water with a self-professed “rev-head” bent, Lauren Vickers is the archetypal active Aussie beauty. We caught up with this popular model and fashionable Sydneysider to learn more about her and see how integrates jewellery into her personal style story.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m not a big flashy brand wearer, but I like elegant pieces, great tailoring and minimalistic designs that flatter and keep it simple. I can go through phases of beach boho, sport luxe or glam but it all usually comes back to great silhouettes and quality fabrics. I don’t mind spending more on a great jacket or pair of jeans which I know will become a wardrobe staple that I will wear for years to come.

What’s one surprising thing you’ve learnt about your own style via Instagram?

That I’m a chameleon. I’ve been in the fashion industry for a long time, so although my personal style has always remained pretty classic, I love the chameleon effect you can have with some simple makeup and styling tricks. I can go from beach bum, rev head or gym bunny to full glam in about 15 minutes because I know my classic wardrobe, jewellery and makeup pieces so well.

What’s the one piece of jewellery you’d feel naked without?

Usually a bracelet. I always like to wear at least two pieces – either earrings and a bracelet or a necklace and a bracelet.

The NAJO brand is spiritually, aesthetically, historically tied to Mexico. If you had to pick a country that was like your “spirit animal”, which would it be?

Anywhere with an island life or gypsy vibe. I love the Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, Indonesia and the Philippines. The heat, the beauty of the daily slowness and appreciation for nature really speaks to me.

What do you love about NAJO jewellery?

I love the smooth designs and small details in the classic pieces. The mix of the hardware with natural elements like labradorite makes a beautiful contrast. My favourites are my silver hoop earrings and the Wanderer Cuff that goes with absolutely everything. The Hex bangle and ring are also great stacking pieces.

What’s your favourite way to wear silver jewellery – dressed down or dressed up?

Gypsy hoops and bangles add a special touch to any outfit whether they’re dressed up or down. You can rock them with a sundress for the day and then just belt it and add heels and a red lip for the night.

Two-toned is great for mixing elements and colours of other pieces without clashing. I have never been able to stick to one metal – I always fluctuate with silver and rose gold.

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