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What does it mean to be a mum in 2018? In plenty of ways, it’s just like it was for our own mothers and grandmothers: equal parts heartwarming and exhausting. Sure, there are a host of new challenges for the modern mum, but in the spirit of celebration ahead of Mother’s Day on May 13, here are our top 5 perks re: motherhood in 2018.

1. Flexibility in our working lives.

Now that two working parents is the rule rather than the exception, it’s encouraging to note that there are far more opportunities to work from home and have more flexible hours than ever before. (And yep, we agree there’s still plenty of room for improvement childcare, parental leave and the rest.)

2. Taking our time.

New mothers in 2018 have, on average, waited far longer to become parents than their parents did. The positives to this include a more thoughtful, considered approach to parenting, often after spending time developing careers, self-educating or traveling.

3. New avenues for support.

Virtual communities and social media networks have proved invaluable to many new mums, especially those living in remote areas or during the wee hours of the night when we can most need a few encouraging words.

4. Dads tend to be far more hands-on than their fathers were.

This might be a Mother’s Day celebration but plenty of modern mums will tell you that they couldn’t do it without the help of their spouse. So let’s not forget to hear it for the boys.

5. More honesty.

We might be subjected to too much information online, but it also means there’s always a new perspective to be found. It’s refreshing to discover so many women speaking honestly about their experiences with motherhood. Real women, not just celebrities, are finding audiences with which to share their stories – often in real time, uncensored and unedited. And we’re all the richer for it.

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