Our top 6 famous muses & style heroes

Matching celebrity tastemakers to NAJO’s favourite collections

Every design house has a muse in mind when developing a particular jewellery piece or collection. These six women are diverse and unique – from different eras even – but each is distinguished by the way that she inspires us and our key collections here at NAJO.

The Collection: SIGNATURE NAJO 

Style attributes: Classic and timeless, understated yet daring.

Muse 1: Tilda Swinton

Why we love her

The seemingly ageless 57-year-old British actor and Academy Award winner has mastered her own take on avant-garde elegance that speaks to both her confidence and creativity. Her striking looks have a chameleon-like quality on screen, while on the red carpet she shines in edgy couture from the likes of Chanel and Lanvin as well as French designer Haider Ackermann.

NAJO pieces we’d love to see her wearing:

The El Sol Chocker 

Mysterious Universe Ring

Muse 2: Cate Blanchett

Why we love her

Cate is a woman who knows her own mind and her own style, and who is confident enough to stick with what works for her. Successful, graceful and articulate, she is one of the great beauties of our time.

NAJO pieces we’d love to see her wearing:


Carnival Hoop Earring 

Naj'O' Bangle

The Collection: ESSENTIAL NAJO 

Style attributes: Individual, poetic, minimalist verging on androgynous.

Muse 1: Patti Smith

Why we love her

The iconic punk rock artist exudes inimitable cool with her androgynous rocker style. It could be called gritty nonchalance, but Patti is both thoughtful and deliberate in her approach to fashion, just as she is in her writing, her music, her poetry and her art.

NAJO pieces we’d love to see her wearing:

Tenderness Necklace

Atlantis Earring 

Muse 2: Georgia O’Keeffe

Why we love her

The late American artist embodied a minimalist spirit in her personal style that was as groundbreaking and individualistic as her powerful art. She wore black and white almost exclusively, favouring austere lines, natural fibres and endurance – keeping some of her dresses for up to six decades. Her depiction of New Mexico and love for the area she called home especially resonates with us at NAJO.

NAJO pieces we’d love to have seen her wear:

Trail Earring

Big Spratling Necklace

Mondrian Ring


The Collection: LA SELVA AW18

Style attributes: Fashion-forward and confident, leading rather than following trends.

Muse 1: Vera Blue

Why we love her

Epitomising modern Australian boho chic, singer-songwriter Vera Blue pairs a folk background with electro-pop influences. Her unique sound, fiery red hair and Aussie sense of understatement is an intoxicating mix we admire.

NAJO pieces we’d love to see her wearing:

Jira Choker

Jira Hoop Earring 

Muse 2: Rose Byrne

Why we love her

The Sydney native has reached the pinnacle of Hollywood’s A-list thanks to her rare ability to successfully traverse dramatic and comedic roles. Style-wise, she’s always winning too: effortlessly glamorous without taking herself too seriously, Rose inspires more trends than she follows.

NAJO pieces we’d love to see her wearing:

Jiggle Necklace

Jiggle Earring

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