Be free and be beautiful.

That’s the mantra we’re taking away from NAJO’s latest release for SS19, PALOMA.

Unlock the serenity that comes from embracing who you are and celebrating the most enriching aspects of womanhood and beauty.

The spirit of Paloma, Spanish for ‘dove’, is ethereal and peace-giving.

Exquisite jewellery in delicate pastel shades that whispers rather than shouts. Paloma unapologetically celebrates femininity, knowing that to be feminine and feminist is never mutually exclusive.

NAJO wants women to feel free to express their own vision of beauty, whatever that looks like.

For us, this season is a statement in romantic elegance. Choose jewellery that speaks to you, lightens your heart and lifts your spirit.

Paloma isn’t just about surface beauty. These pieces are also beautiful because they are comfortable and enjoyable to wear, crafted of impeccable quality from semiprecious stones and precious metals.

Be fearless in your choices, soar high in your convictions and opt to adorn yourself with ethereal grace for Spring/Summer 19.

In the meantime, wet your appetite with our new personalised collection SIGNA LUXE