Our latest stone jewellery is coloured like candy

Stones are an important part of all NAJO’s seasonal collections. They bring texture, interest and colour to our most understated sterling silver designs and help to tell the story of each themed range.

This season, especially for our new La Luz collection, we’ve chosen vivid, pastel-hued semiprecious stones.

Not only are they the perfect modern complement to bright white sterling silver settings, they are ideally coloured for spring’s arrival.

Inspired by artist James Turrell’s play with pastels, this season’s stones are kunzite, amazonite, moonstone, chalcedony, pearl, turquoise and apatite.

Think mint green, aqua, gelato pink, soft blue and white. Fashionable, feminine and fresh.

There are pendants, statement cuffs, cocktail rings, drop earrings and beaded necklaces set with cabochons of the sweetest pastel hues.

Which coloured stones will you choose to help tell your story this season?


This unique mineral, with its opaque properties, unmistakable pool-blue colour and distinct mineral veining, is one of the world’s oldest and most revered. Since ancient times it has been linked to wisdom, nobility and immortality. A birthstone for December.


Part of the feldspar family, this opaque stone is found in the most beautiful soft shades of aqua and sea green. It’s regarded by some as promoting courage and calm.


Thanks to its blushing hue and clear qualities, this relatively modern addition to the stone family is sometimes known as ‘the Woman's Stone’. It’s often associated with protection, love and serenity.

Blue Apatite

Sometimes confused with aquamarine, this hexagonal crystal-form stone has a clear, glassy appearance. It is thought to enhance self-confidence and help wearers achieve their goals.


NAJO jewellery incorporates freshwater pearls. Perhaps thanks to its (usually) white luminescence, the pearl is popularly seen as a symbol of innocence and purity. A birthstone for June.


Legend has it that moonstone promotes good luck in romance, making it a popular gift for lovers and brides-to-be. It’s also thought to encourage insightfulness, intuition and hope. Like pearl, moonstone is a June birthstone.

Aqua & Pink Chalcedony

Usually translucent or semi-transparent, chalcedony has been believed to encourage optimism, kindness and storytelling.

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