It’s finally here! After months of preparation and attention to detail, we are so excited to launch our brand new website. Not only that... we have rebranded as well! Yes, Najo has a whole new look and feel. We know that design is our calling and it’s where we thrive, so what better way to celebrate this than to refine the way we present ourselves to the world. It has been a fascinating and creative process.

We realized that our heritage is founded on 3 things: a passion for good design, our Mexican heritage and the power of storytelling. Now we have a complete visual language to reflect our essence. We have an elegant new brandmark, a new and fresh colour palette, a beautiful pattern and unique packaging.




We tell stories with our jewellery and we want you to tell your story when you choose your piece. Our new packaging is in the form of a little book, so you can create your own memories with your own piece of jewellery. The new packaging won’t be available until early November (yes, I’m annoyed about that too), but it will be worth the wait. You will love it when you see it!


Soon you will see all this in store where displays will be updated with new colours and patterns that totally refreshes how you see us.

Together with the new Najo look comes the launch of our latest collection “Fiesta”. We wanted to capture the warmth, colour and energetic joy that is inherent in the Mexican fiesta. Inspired by the intricate detailing of traditional Mexican design and symbols, the collection is full of colourful semi precious stones, mixed metals and captivating charms. Find your nearest stockist and discover the Fiesta Collection in store now!!

We hope you love the new Najo personality and the Fiesta collection as much as we do!

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