Soft and sweet, it’s this season’s top jewellery trend

Inspired by the cherry blossoms, fragrant jasmine and magnolias that seem to be blooming all around right now, we’ve become a little rosy-hued in our jewellery choices for the season ahead.

Blushing stones and pinkish metals are the perfect complement to ultra-feminine fashions that always emerge in time for the spring racing season. Nude-coloured stilettos, bare legs, flirty frocks and floral headdresses call for delicate bracelets, barely there pendants and soft drop earrings.

It’s also the season for romance, with wedding invitations aplenty. What better way to mark these occasions than adding a touch of heartfelt pink to your accessory wardrobe?

Metal of the moment: rose gold

The bright white polish of sterling silver is sweetly set off by a blushing tint of rose gold – whether in a two-tone design, or by pairing your favourite silver jewellery with pieces in glowing and gorgeous rose gold plate. The combination is just the ticket for casual spring elegance, for example a soft silk knit cardi and linen pants or jeans.

Romancing the stones: gems in trend

Recently introduced to the NAJO collections are our pretty-as-a-picture pink stones, namely chalcedony and kunzite.

Kunzite takes its name from renowned New York mineralogist George Frederick Kunz, who first identified the variety around 1902. This relatively new gem naturally occurs in colours ranging from soft lilac to deep pink.

Chalcedony, meanwhile, has been known since ancient times. The stone is characteristically translucent or waxy in appearance, the very quality which gives our version its appealingly dusty or muted look.

Both chalcedony and kunzite make the perfect complement to feminine fashion styles, and undoubtedly add freshness to any new season look.

Keen to adopt your own rose-tinted outlook this season? Shop our latest jewellery in gorgeous blushing tones now >>