A few years ago, when rose gold jewellery was mentioned, it would conjure up images of fob chains, large belcher bracelets and heart lockets. I must admit that I still love that style, especially when it’s big and chunky.

But now the rose gold trend has taken the jewellery world by storm as it alludes to both the contemporary and the antique, and is a far cry from those fob chains. I think it was the watch companies that first took up the trend, with Marc by Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Fossil, just to name a few, producing fashion watches in that rosy hue. And so the trend has also seeped into the collections of fashionable jewellery.



For a while now at Najo, we have been designing pieces in silver and in steel with rose gold plated features. What I really love is the combination of rose gold with silver or rhodium. The silver picks up the pink colour, gives it a crisp, edgy look, and makes it sparkle and shine.

Fashionable in Russia at the beginning of the 19th C, rose gold became known as “russian” gold. It is the copper content in the gold that gives it that particular colour, and is also sometimes called pink or red gold depending on the amount of copper. A general composition is 75% gold, 22.5%copper and 2.5% silver

Thanks in part to Cartier’s introduction of its now iconic “Trinity” ring in the 1920’s, rose gold and its combination with other gold colours, remained fashionable until this day. The marvellous writer, filmmaker, artist and dramatist, Jean Cocteau, actually commissioned Cartier to create this ring to be worn on his pinkie.

Rose gold is warm, soft and glowing. So get into the fashion and think pink with Rose Gold.

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