Taking design cues from Europe's top end

When talking about Scandinavian design, one of the words that often comes up is “clean”. Clean in the sense of unfettered, uncluttered, uncomplicated. It’s a trait that has made this design genre one of the most enduring and popular around the world.

Scandinavia covers the area of Northern Europe including Denmark, Norway and Sweden. That’s Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner, Ikea, Kikki.K, Georg Jensen, Ole Lynggaard, Edvard Munch, Illums Bolighus, Stelton and many, many other influential artists, designers and retailers.

Despite the cliché of countless interiors blogs, ‘Scandi style’ isn’t just pale timbers and white-washed interiors. It is characterised instead by exceptional craftsmanship, fuss-free profiles, outside-the-box thinking, high-end materials and stylised, artful patterns.

Scandinavian influence on NAJO designs

NAJO has incorporated a Scandinavian sensibility into our jewellery designs since the very beginning. It’s an inextricable part of our DNA.

Uniquely, we’ve paired the clean, timeless and sculptural shapes common in Northern European design – Danish modernism in particular – with the spirit, artisan traditions and cultural heart of Mexico.

What’s the effect of this aesthetic?

It’s unlikely a coincidence that Scandinavian cities like Copenhagen consistently rank among the happiest places in the world to live. It seems that good design and an appreciation for aesthetics equates to happier people and better living standards. Function is important, but so is beauty. It’s the union of the two that lies at the heart of the very best design, and nobody knows this better than the Northern Europeans.

At NAJO, we couldn’t agree more. We love to create jewellery that is beautiful, timeless, flawlessly crafted, comfortable to wear, and set to become a cherished heirloom. Mexico may be at the heart of all we do, but we pay homage to Scandinavia’s seminal design talents with every smooth, organic curve of polished sterling silver we produce.

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