We are always looking for new concepts to illustrate and narrate our new jewellery collections.

So when our stylist Hayley Callander suggested that we use the work of James Gordon, paper artist extraordinaire, for the photo shoot of our latest Esperanza Collection, I jumped at the chance.

James, who has loved scissors and paper for as long as he can remember, is a genius at turning flat surfaces into 3 dimensional objects.

He has loved working with "the ancient material that has been around since almost forever" since snipping paper as a child to make a circus that his Mum couldn't afford for him.

Mainly working with milk coloured French watercolour paper of superb quality and often embellished with delicate and meticulously executed watercolour design, his witty work is a combination of gothic and spirited jest.

James has collaborated with many of the great Australian creators of style including Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin for Vogue, and designing Collette Dinnigan's Paris show to name just a couple, he can cite so many highlights in his career he could fill pages. But when asked what he would be doing if not weaving his magic into art, he answers " living on a farm with as many dogs as possible"

Love and Death are recurrent themes in his work, with skeletons, skulls and hearts executed in piercingly amusing ways. Wings, feathers and birds also feature, contributing elements of whimsy and a strange sense of tender longing

Inspired by anything and everything, James firmly believes that ideas fly in the window at night while he is sleeping and can gestate only to emerge at the most unexpected times.

Quirky, not only in his his art, but in his lifestyle, dress code and home decor, James loves to " raise a smile...but never hysteria!"

Love your work James!!


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