Make your mark

Introducing SIGNA, jewellery to create your own personalised stories

Launched just in time for Christmas, NAJO’s latest collection of jewellery is only partway designed, awaiting completion.

It’s like a fresh blank journal: beautiful in its potential. Awaiting the poetry.

SIGNA by Jo Tory is a stunning sterling silver collection inviting you to make your mark. Tell your story.

Highly polished sterling silver pendant discs, signet rings, ID bracelets, charms, lockets and bangles in NAJO founder Jo Tory’s signature clean lines are unadorned and ready to be personalised.

Hand-engraved jewellery is hotter than ever in fashion, yet it’s a tradition that has existed for thousands of years.

Meghan Markle may have set off a trend when she sported a new signet ring this month but historically the signet has been an accessory of the elite since at least ancient Egypt.

The unique symbol or graphic engraved into the face of the precious metal would function as a seal to press into wax or clay.

Wearing a ring with your one-of-a-kind mark meant you were always ready to authenticate a document or prove your identity. It was, literally, your signature.

Today, our lives are digitised to the point where even our written signature is redundant. Is it any wonder that we’re craving all things handwritten, personal, bespoke?

In our SIGNA collection, there’s a special, timeless piece of sterling silver jewellery to suit every style. Choose your favourite for yourself or as a gift, then simply pick your engraving style and what you want to express. When deciding which story to tell, it’s worth thinking a little outside the box.

At NAJO we love the romance of jewellery that hides a meaning known only to the wearer and the giver.

Maybe it’s the initials of a beloved, or the date of an unexpected anniversary (the first kiss, the day you found out you were expecting). Or perhaps it’s a snippet of a favourite poem or love song.

Whatever your story, tell it your own way with SIGNA by Jo Tory.