A long-held dream has finally been realised. A NAJO collection that is as luxurious as it is personal.

Introducing SIGNA LUXE.

Charms in solid 9-carat rose or yellow gold on 10-carat gold chains. Each piece enjoys complimentary engraving in your choice of text, font and size.

NAJO’s debut foray into fine solid-gold jewellery offers you the ultimate heirloom pieces. Every charm is named after a different god or goddess from ancient Rome because this is forever jewellery, as timeless as the heavens above.


The Venus Rose Gold Necklace is a blushing heart on a jaunty angle, paired with a 45cm solid gold chain for a romantic gift to cherish.

From the goddess of love to the huntress Diana, symbol of power and protection. The Diana Rose Gold Necklace is an understated disc of solid rose gold, ideally matched to a single initial and perhaps a date inscribed on the reverse.

A flattened ring design is particularly fitting for the Juno Rose Gold Necklace. Juno is the goddess of marriage and childbirth, and the shape evokes eternal love and faithfulness and lends itself to engraving in a circular script. In Roman mythology Juno’s partner is Jupiter, and here the yellow-gold version of the same cutout disc is the Jupiter Yellow Gold Necklace.

Minerva, meanwhile, is the goddess of wisdom, and our tag-shaped Minerva Charm awaits your own choice of wise words. The yellow-gold equivalent is the Neptune Necklace, which sits on an elegant gold chain for a refined take on a traditionally masculine tag necklace.

The Apollo Yellow Gold Necklace is a warm expression of love, while the Ares Charm is simplicity itself, perfect hanging from its matching necklace, or as a charm alongside the Apollo Heart and Neptune tag for a glamorous trio.

Each SIGNA LUXE charm is sold individually so you can add it to your own charm bracelet, bangle or necklace, enriching your personal story with a new engraving each time. These all-gold pieces also make luxurious bridesmaids’ gifts, allowing each bridesmaid to enjoy a different charm shape uniquely engraved with her own initial.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to go for gold. Shop the complete SIGNA LUXE collection today.