Defining the NAJO Aesthetic: A Spotlight on our Signature Collection

We’ve been feeling a little nostalgic here at NAJO. Heading into our 30th year feels like the perfect time to reflect on those jewellery designs which are at the heart of our brand. Our Signature Collection is the ultimate embodiment of the NAJO aesthetic. It comprises our most iconic sterling silver bangles and cuffs, earrings, necklaces and rings.

What is the signature NAJO style?

At the core are timeless, sophisticated sterling silver jewellery pieces imbued with the spirit of Mexico. There is no place for trends here. Think fluid lines and clean bold shapes. Exceptional craftsmanship and reverence for artisanal traditions. Along with highly polished sterling silver, our oxidised silver and two-toned piece are characteristic of this range. But what better way to explain the archetypal NAJO aesthetic than by showcasing a few highlights from our Signature Collection?

The Naj'O' Bangle

Handcrafted in Mexico by artisan silversmiths, this extraordinary bangle has been a centrepiece of the NAJO collection almost since the brand’s inception. Its highly polished sculptural curves are at once understated and inspired; its longevity is a shining testament to the power of great design.

The Catwalk Necklace

At the end of a generous length of soft black gamuza cord hangs a large tear-shaped loop of gleaming sterling silver. A decade since it was first introduced, this signature pendant remains an enduring favourite, a statement in relaxed contemporary style for confident women everywhere.

The Bands of Time Ring

The craftsmanship and skill of our artisans comes to the fore in this ingenious ring design which is a celebration of movement and whimsy. Oxidised sterling silver – a NAJO signature – sets the scene for three spinning bands crafted in various shapes which dance and shine against a darkened, wide-set backdrop. A unique show-stopper for the artistically inclined, this ring has been part of the Signature Collection for 10 years.

My Silent Tears Earring

One of our earliest original designs, it’s easy to see why this pair of simple drops is also one of our most popular. Just like the Catwalk Necklace and the Naj ‘O’ Bangle, it takes its cues from the perfect shapes found in nature. A smooth line of sterling silver culminates in a radiant bulb that catches the light as it hangs against the jawline. Sized subtly enough for the office but striking enough to enliven your face, these earrings are heirlooms in the making.

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