I have loved silver for as long as I can remember. As a young girl I would stare into the Georg Jensen shop window in Sydney, amazed at the beauty of design, craftsmanship and aesthetic consistency of the jewellery and tableware. Some of those traditional designs are still my favourites today. I also remember fossicking through incense laden bazaars and to my delight finding an Indian silver necklace set with lapis and carnelian stones, cheap as chips that satisfied my love of ethnic jewellery design. Two ends of the spectrum, but equally lovely.



For jewellery designers, silver is a perfect metal. Apart from its beauty – what is more gorgeous than a highly polished bangle on tanned skin? – it is affordable. Jewellery designers can experiment with large fashion inspired designs and not break the bank. Silver lends itself to all traditional jewellery making techniques. It can be set with sparkling diamonds and semi precious stones, veneered with brilliant patterns of enamel, gilded or oxidised to emphasise surface patterns. It combines beautifully with other materials such as leather, wood, resins and it can be anti-tarnished to prevent discolouration.

They say silver is the new gold and certainly the steep rise in the gold price – more than 5 fold in the last 10 years – makes this beautiful metal such an attractive option.

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