NAJO Team’s Top 10 from La Isla S18

Recently, the NAJO head office relocated to glam new inner-city headquarters here in Sydney. Like any big move, it was a little chaotic and more than a little exhausting. But it also gave us a new perspective on the objects that surround us every day. Along with the standard office paraphernalia, we’re lucky to work among precious trinkets in sterling silver dotted with gleaming gemstones. Inevitably, the unpacking turned to play and in the process, we inadvertently came up with this new list of 10 staff picks from our SS18 collection, La Isla.


10. Genie Ring

Why we love: Imbued with the NAJO DNA, this is basically Jo Tory in ring form! Our founder and creative director informed its clean organic shape that culminates in a dramatic unjoined apex. Timeless and original.

9. Rustle Earring

Why we love: It’s fair to say we were thinking of the festive season ahead when we picked these beauties. Combining a long drop and a hoop design, they are the best of both worlds and perfect for a party.

8. Reba Earring Black Onyx

Why we love: A fun celebration of Jo’s penchant for all-black fashion, these earrings have a sculptural, modernist quality that feels on-trend and versatile enough to go from office to dinner.


7. Circa Ring (Garnet)

Why we love: Turns out January babies are many here at NAJO, so this stunning red is both birthstone and beautiful, covetable accessory.

6. Circa Ring (Blue Topaz)

Why we love: Somehow this witty design manages to be large-scale and low-profile all at once. Like the sculpture of George Rickey, this ring says more in the interplay of empty spaces than it does through the shape itself.

5. The Vineyard Necklace

Why we love: Some might suggest we’re drawn to The Vineyard because of our shared love for wine, and they wouldn’t be wrong. But we’re also besotted with this showstopping collar for its unapologetic statement of bold simplicity.


4. The Vineyard Bracelet

Why we love: Just like its coordinating necklace, the Vineyard Bracelet is substantial without being overpowering. There’s a whole lot of beautiful sterling silver here, and in our collective opinion, more is definitely more.

3. Roma Cuff

Why we love: More than one of us here at NAJO HQ have added this hefty beauty to our Christmas wish list. Do you really need to ask why? All the heart eyes for this one.

2. Amazonia Ring

Why we love: Sometimes cocktail rings can be too ostentatious, too fashion-forward, and so their appeal wears out over time. Not so with this icy blue cabochon agate set in a comfortable tapered sterling silver band. Bliss.


1. Daria Silver Necklace

Why we love: One word. Scale. This pendant is the antithesis to all those tiny delicate necklaces out there. Small has its place for sure, but when you’re looking for a striking way to dress up a simple black turtleneck or linen tunic, you want to call on Daria.