For as long as human beings have existed they have sought to adorn themselves with recognisable symbols in the form of jewellery. Gold, platinum and silver have customarily been employed for jewellery design since long before the beginning of recorded history. But now many new materials are being utilised for jewellery adornment.

Here at Najo we have recently added Stainless Steel jewellery to our collection. With the refinement of laser beam welding techniques that allow for fast and precise joining of metals, there is now a huge variety of fine and complex designs that are possible in Stainless Steel. Steel jewellery has the advantage of being practically indestructible. It is a rugged alloy that is hypo allergenic, corrosion and rust resistant and does not oxidise, it can be set with stones and it can be plated with incredibly strong IP plating in all sorts of different colours. And it doesn’t break the bank!

Steel jewellery has a distinctly contemporary flavour at its core, and the material can be forged into extravagant creations due to its affordability. Designs in the existing steel colour can look ultramodern and industrial, or they can be plated in the rich colours of rose and yellow gold to give the sense of fine jewellery. Many of our Najo designs come in a combination of all 3 colours to create a sophisticated, glamorous look.

So what is it that makes stainless steel stain”less”? Stainless Steel is a steel alloy that contains a minimum of 12% chromium. It is the chromium that creates a stable oxide surface film that protects the surface of the metal from oxidising. This makes it resist rust. And what is so different about the plating on steel that makes it so strong? Usually in a yellow or rose gold colour to simulate the look of gold, the plating is an ion plating which is a vacuum coating process, and is incredibly durable. Customarily used for watches, tools, optical coatings or any hard wearing metals, it is now a cheaper alternative to electroplating.

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