Classic, versatile and on-trend: studs tick all the boxes

Topping the list of jewellery every woman should own are stud earrings. They suit every face shape, every hair style, every personality, and are the go-to earring to round out virtually any outfit, whether it’s ultra-casual, office wear or serious cocktail attire.

The other reason studs are so versatile is that they come in endless styles, shapes, finishes and stones. A simple diamond stud is perhaps the most classic piece of jewellery imaginable. And unlike a ring laden with betrothal symbolism, a pair of stunning earrings can always be bought and enjoyed by anyone, for anyone. Even yourself! They are a great way to personally celebrate a major (or minor) milestone in your life and help tell your style story.

Earrings needn’t be as extravagant as diamonds, though. Studs of turquoise, agate, pearl or glistening beaten sterling silver will act as mini light globes to your face – and at great value.

Classic stud styles

For chic and timeless designs in the vein of Jackie Kennedy or Grace Kelly, opt for simple domes of silver, gleaming orbs of yellow or rose gold, or of course, classic pearl studs. The larger the stud, the more glamorous and ladylike the look. The smaller the stud, the easier they are to pop on and forget about, ensuring you always look polished.

On-trend stud styles

That’s not to say that studs can’t also be fashion-forward and edgy. Geometric shapes, pyramids or straight rods in sterling silver, mini bars of beaten yellow gold or tiny cubes plated in rose gold channel some of this season’s hottest jewellery trends.

And as for that other trend, stacking…

Don’t believe you can layer earrings like you can bracelet and rings and necklaces? Sure you can! Multiple piercings and an “ear party” of different studs is one of the edgiest trends in fashion right now. Take it from US actress and model Chloe Grace Moretz, whose earring ensemble garnered a whopping 545,000 likes on Instagram! If it’s a look you’re willing to rock (and if you have the piercings), then you’ll love NAJO’s tiniest studs, such as these twists or these perpendicular studs.

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