Style Series II: An interview with Alison Morgan

Introducing the Style Series for September with Jo Tory. Throughout September we will be investigating the concept of style with women that inspire us. We start with Alison Morgan AKA Alison Relaucher on the evolution of style. Alison a successful business and marketing coach launching her own empire, inspiring and enabling women to achieve success. Alison shares with Jo her own evolution of style and how it plays a role in her world.

Jo - What does style (in all of its various elements, such as fashion, jewellery and interiors) mean to you?

Alison: To me, style is an extension of yourself, which allows you to bring your personality to life. As a result, it naturally seems to attract like-minded people. I believe that personal style also projects what you believe & also reflects how you feel on the day.

Jo - Has your style changed over the years?

Alison: My style has definitely changed over the years. As I’ve become more confident and grown into my ‘own’, I find that my style reflects this. The pieces I wear are more timeless rather than fashionable, I would describe my style as luxe minimalist with a hint of fashion. Less is more, with sprinkles of fashion to allow my look to be current yet easy to wear.

Jo - Who is your style icon and who influences your style?

Alison: Elle McPherson is definitely a style icon of mine. I love the way she dresses as it is so simple and timeless yet leaves a long-lasting impression. She is relaxed, natural and comfortable in her own skin and I think this really shines through in the way she dresses.

Jo - What do your personal spaces, such as your office or home say about your style?

Alison: I have worked with an interior designer for my office and home. She really helped me to fine-tune my style and to bring the spaces to life. Like my fashion, the interior spaces are a blend of luxury and minimalism, though I have added some personal touches here and there to give it a more meaningful personality. The colours we have worked in include rose gold, bamboo along with green and blue accents. The colours and design breathe fresh air, are calming, yet also inspiring.

Jo - We believe that style is an extension of one’s creative self. With this being said, what are you saying about your own style?

I choose not to wear something because it’s trending, rather what I feel comfortable in and suits me best. I find that styling myself this way projects an image which is most suited to me. It’s a reflection of who I am. I would say that my style says I’m confident and modern, yet relaxed.

Jo - How do you incorporate style into the business world?

I do this via my workspace, clothing, accessories and the way I communicate; whether this is through events, meetings, content marketing or social circles. The traditional corporate business world is far more conservative, so given I have moved away from this, I like to add some colour or pieces which reflect my flexible working environment. Some days its jeans, other days it’s a dress. It depends on what I have going on and also how I feel.

Jo- What Najo pieces have you translated into your own style story?

I seriously love anything rose gold, so these earrings make frequent appearances into my looks the Double Beat Earring. I also think a great hoop earring is a perfect way to add some sophistication to an otherwise simple outfit so these earrings are a go-to for me the MIrth Stud Earring. A great silver drop earring is an item I always wear. These ones are just so elegant- The Mali Earring I love all of these pieces and each time I wear them I receive so many

Jo - Who is your favourite clothing designer?

Karen Miller pieces always fit me perfectly. They last forever too. The fabric is always high quality and the styles really suit me. Every piece of her clothing I own always ends up in my wardrobe for 10 years plus!

Jo - Who is your favourite interior designer?

Michelle from Infinite Design did my home and office. I love her work and her team is brilliant to work with. Their style is very luxurious yet minimal which as you know suits me perfectly!

Jo - And to end your style profile - what is your favourite makeup brand, fragrance and candle brand?

I love Inika Organics for makeup, Ecoya for candles and One Seed for beautiful natural perfumes.

Thank you, Alison, for sharing a preview into your life and helping us define what style means from all viewpoints and perspectives. Shop the Alison EDIT here>



Alison Morgan is one of Australia’s leading Business Coaches, specialising in helping Health, Wellness, Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle businesses grow their Business, Brand and Profile. With over 20 years experience in Marketing and over 6 years of Private Business Coaching clients with her company Relauncher, Alison knows how to create successful businesses. Alison is also the founder of Branding and Website Studio; Sticky Studio.