Style Series III: An interview with Wendy Online

Introducing Wendy Nguyen AKA Wendy_Online. Wendy combines her love of beauty and luxury to fuel her inspiration and creativity. A talented makeup artist in her own right and a skilled photographer, Wendy helps us define style and how it plays a role in her world.

Jo- Wendy as you know this month Najo is investigating style, tell us about your own personal aesthetic and how that has evolved?

Wendy: My own personal aesthetic is quite simple mixed in with a few key trend pieces to keep it fresh and exciting. Now I don't like to go overboard unless it's for a particular look or theme but I’ve tried it all and had many different styles growing up, many mistakes. Then again haven’t we all? I gravitate to a low key casual style, that effortlessly chic look. Though my hair colour likes to evolve constantly as I love pastels

Jo – What does style mean to you?

Wendy: I see style as a creative outlet that allows me to express myself and how I'm feeling that day. When it comes to personal style it really communicates how you want to represent yourself to the world, little hints can almost be an ode to your personality. Style can never be defined it is meant to be an open-ended question, it is not wrong or right, it’s you and that can never be wrong.

Jo - Being a Beauty Influencer, congratulations on your nomination with Cosmo BTW. How does style affect the beauty world??

Wendy: I definitely think the worlds of beauty and fashion are moulding together, oftentimes I would plan my outfit based around my makeup look or vice versa. For example- a certain colour may be key for a trend I may use it sparingly in an eyeshadow or in a lipstick. For me, they are one like all trends you can take it or leave it. Just because it’s a trend I don’t necessarily think it’s a must again you cater that style/ look to fit into your world.

Jo – Who is your style icon and influences your own style (general sense)?

Wendy: Honestly, I wouldn't say I have one particular style icon from Audrey Hepburn to Rihanna. I like to gather inspiration from different things and people around me, whether it's my favourite musician, an artist or even my girlfriends. Pop culture is a big style reference for me.

Jo – What new beauty styles should we be looking at for 2019:

Wendy: I've been loving fluoro pastel liner on the eyes which have been a strong beauty trend from the runways of SS19 in Paris and New York, I like to tone it down with a navy or indigo and glossy lips for a fresh summer look

Jo – What Najo pieces have you translated into your own style story?

Wendy: My fave pieces of the season are the Clover and Cross earrings from the Lost Island collection but I love the whole Pre Fall 18/19 collection. I can't decide which I like more so I wear a different one in each ear and layer all the necklaces. Shop Wendy's EDIT