Autumn was slow to reveal itself this year, giving us extra time to enjoy transeasonal dressing. The most versatile and experimental period in the seasonal fashion calendar, the transeasonal wardrobe equals lots of layering and textural contrasts, such as silk under cashmere, chunkier cotton and linen knits and denim. It’s when we start reaching for the cotton twill trenchcoat and fine merino wool cardigan to layer over our shirts and long-sleeved tshirts.

Indeed, winter is only around the corner, but in many parts of Australia, transeasonal dressing will continue to be relevant throughout these relatively mild coldest months. The flexibility of layering suits air-conditioned homes and offices plus those unexpectedly warm afternoons.

Wardrobe colours tend to get darker and more neutral as the weather cools, especially as tones of black, navy, grey or camel working more readily layered together than hits of riotous colour.

Your transeasonal jewellery wardrobe should take the same layered approach as your clothing for maximum impact.

How to wear: necklaces

Break that rule of only wearing necklaces against your skin and wear your favourite statement choker such as the Hola or El Sol over a turtleneck, or pop a showstopping necklace over your crew-neck jumper to bring texture, brightness and shine.

How to wear: bracelets

Keep your sleeves long, tight and snug and accessorise on top with a gleaming beadwork cuff like the Senorita. Or layer your watch with the finer Cryptic Cuff in two-tone silver and rose gold plate. The oxidised sterling silver of the Bohemian Adventure Bangle has a moodiness that’s perfect for heading into winter.

How to wear: rings

Similarly, the oxidised and beaten effect of the silver in our Bands of Time Ring is dark, detailed and mysterious, perfectly paired with chunkier sweaters and long sleeves that beg to be pulled cosily down past your wrists.

Our two-tone designs such as Rosy Glow and Cryptic Ring also make ideal transeasonal rings, helping to bridge the gap between warm/sunkissed and rugged-up chic.

How to wear: earrings

Choose earrings to illuminate your face, set off your hair style and makeup without overtaking your look. Our transeasonal picks are smaller in profile than what we might choose in summer when necklines and shoulders tend to be barer. The Need a Hug Earring will add a hint of sheen without any fuss, while the two-tone Tranquila Stud and Shayla Earring offer the best of both worlds in sterling silver with rose or yellow gold plate. A meeting of cool-white silver and warm golden tones, two-tone jewellery aptly symbolises the seasonal transition of nature in all its beauty.

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