Choose your own adventures… and pack to cover all of them!

Spring is finally here! Along with basking in the warmer weather and admiring the gardens in bloom all around, now’s the time we also start planning our end-of-year getaways.

Thankfully, packing for summer holidays means you can be light on substance and big on style. Leave the coats and boots at home (unless you’re off to celebrate a white Christmas somewhere!) and instead start stashing those silk kaftans, breezy linen tunics and sandals. Most importantly of course, pack your favourite accessories.

Sterling silver jewellery shines on summer holidays – it’s easy to wear, sets off a golden glow to perfection and lends a casual vacation vibe to any outfit.

The only question is, which pieces to take?

NAJO’s top 4 travel essentials

Everyone has different jewellery tastes and needs, but here are our picks for this year’s summer holiday style, no matter where you’re headed.

1. Jewellery that makes a small but impactful statement

Keep your packing streamlined with a compact collection of petite, artfully detailed studs, cuffs, necklaces and rings to carry your right through from check-in to your fanciest evening out on the town. Ensure high impact on a small scale by choosing two-tone metals in sterling silver paired with rose gold or yellow gold plate, and graphic, edgy shapes such as mini cones, cubes and hexagons.

2. Fine bracelets that beg to be stacked

Have you ever found yourself on holidays admiring those chic women lounging poolside who seem to be perfectly put together, from their effortless resort wear to their pedicured toes? They are almost always sporting an eclectic ‘arm party’ – fine silver and gold bracelets, a watch, leather cuff, and perhaps a whimsical beaded piece picked up on travels.

Create the look for yourself with our fine bracelet styles in sterling silver and gold plate. Toggle styles, barely there chains and glistening silver beads are perfect for this look, and can be dressed up or down as the occasion suits.

3. Stones for a splash of colour

Fashion maximalists believe no outfit is completely without a bold injection of colour – especially on holidays! Channel a vibrant, boho vibe with brilliant stone-set cocktail rings, cuffs, drop earrings and pendants. Deep blue lapis and the vivid aqua of turquoise are a worthy match for sunny skies and clear coastal waters. Exude worldly confidence with sizeable, colourful gemstones to suit every outfit. Pair turquoise with crisp white cotton, soft pink chalcedony with pastel florals, and moody labradorite with black silk for dinner.

4. The perfect place to pack it all away

Seasoned travellers will adore NAJO’s brand new travel jewellery box. It’s the perfect way to keep your entire suite of travelling companions safe without taking up too much precious luggage room. Velvet-soft compartments are specially sized to allow NAJO pieces to fit snugly, reducing scratching and tarnishing of your sterling silver while in transit. Just remember – remove your jewellery and store it safely before taking that dip in the ocean or pool!