Why turquoise jewellery is destined to be loved forever

For vivid colour, bohemian spirit, a sense of mystery, and enduring style stretching back to the ancients, there’s nothing as captivating as turquoise. The lyrical name is derived from an old French word for “Turkish”, referencing the traders who were thought to introduce the gem to Europe from ancient Persian mines.

The long, long history of turquoise

This unique gemstone, with its opaque properties, unmistakable pool-blue colour and its distinct mineral veining, is one of the world’s oldest and most revered. The ancient Egyptians loved using turquoise in their jewellery and decorative arts, as did the Persians who believed in its heavenly associations. But the stone is most inextricably linked to Native American cultures, which attributed protective qualities to the mineral and featured it liberally in jewellery, amulets and sculpture.

Turquoise: it’s a real softie

Like that other blue-hued beauty, lapis lazuli, natural turquoise is a relatively soft stone, only measuring 5-6 on the Mohs scale. For that reason, examples of precious natural turquoise, such as this extraordinary 19th-century Russian snuffbox, are most often found in the cabochon cut, a simple polished dome.

Natural vs reconstituted turquoise

Today, due to the rarity and high cost of natural turquoise, most jewellery is made using reconstituted turquoise in the cabochon style, offering the same stunning colour and look at great value. It’s the perfect match for highly polished or oxidised sterling silver.

Turquoise and your summer style

NAJO’s collection of vibrant sterling silver and reconstituted turquoise studs, hanging earrings and drops, cocktail rings, cuffs and pendants are the last word in boho chic this summer. It’s the exact colour of the sea just as it meets the shore on a sun-kissed, white-sand beach. And when paired with our signature oxidised sterling silver craftsmanship, it embodies the exotic, creative, carefree spirit of Mexico.

So what are you waiting for?

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