Your first look at NAJO’s new-season jewellery collection

“With yearning, a strange thrill of hope there came,

A shaft of new desire now pierced him through,

And therewithal a soft voice called his name,

And when he turned, with eager eyes aflame,

He saw betwixt him and the setting sun

The lively image of his loved one”

From ‘Pygmalion and the Image’ in The Earthly Paradise (1868) by William Morris

Introducing Vida, Spanish for “life”, NAJO’s newest collection of jewellery that invigorates, animates, creates.

Our designers have drawn inspiration from the archetypal story of Pygmalion and Galatea.

As the ancient Greek myth goes, Pygmalion, a sculptor, had renounced women due to their flawed nature (!) and chose to devote himself to his craft.

Ironically, his artistic masterpiece was Galatea, a female form sculpted of ivory marble. So exquisite was his flawless creation, that Pygmalion fell in love with its lifeless perfection. In spite of himself he caressed her, indulged her with gifts and adorned her in precious jewels and beautiful clothes just as though she were a real woman.

Suffering the pain of unreciprocated adoration, Pygmalion soon entreated Aphrodite, goddess of love, to fulfil his heart’s desire.

Sure enough, under Pygmalion’s kiss, Galatea’s ivory hardness softened into living human flesh. Miraculously, Pygmalion had breathed life into his own creation. He had animated his ideal.

This ultimate story of transformation in the name of love has been recast countless times since, from George Bernard Shaw’s 1913 play Pygmalion to Garry Marshall’s 1990 rom-com Pretty Woman.

For us at NAJO, this powerful story of new life cast through love is irresistibly compelling.

Likewise, VIDA’s bold new designs are imbued with transformative powers.

Textured golden creations reminiscent of treasures from antiquity are fit to adorn Galatea herself, such as our Pompeii earrings, necklaces and ring in beaten gold plate and sterling silver set with peridot and lolite.

Oversized chain links in silver and gold plate make graphic statements in our new Beta Gold Earrings.

The antique-inspired beauty of oxidised silver makes for memorable future heirlooms in the Vida Beaten Locket Necklace and the Daba Ring.

Meanwhile, black onyx becomes the metamorphosising force in the Freya necklace, with its coordinating bangle and ring.

Breathe new life into your own style story with VIDA. Browse the full collection now>