Top 4 trends to cover every style – how will you tell your story?

Women are, among many other things, multidimensional. We all have more than a single story to tell. There’s no question that we are all drawn to different styles for different reasons, and at different stages in our lives.

Far more than other fashion accessories and clothing, jewellery is a highly personal, luxurious expression of your signature style. It best illustrates the persona that you present to the world every day.

So now’s the time to ask yourself: who do you want to be in 2017? There’s no time more fitting than the year’s end to re-evaluate your personal style and the story you tell through your jewellery.

How to Identify Your Jewellery Style

Which of these current jewellery trends best expresses who you are right now?


This is the core NAJO aesthetic: clean, timeless lines and sculptural shapes that almost defy trends, although many pieces in this collection share traits with Danish modernism. Think highly polished sterling silver bangles and cuffs in uncomplicated shapes, chunky link bracelets and finer bead bracelets, sleek teardrop earrings, understated studs, simple pendants and artful, wide-profile rings in organic shapes.

“Classic” appeals to women of all ages who seek style beyond fashion. These are women who admire minimalism, simplicity and order. Many are attracted to this streamlined approached to self-adornment because it reflects the way they live their lives (perfectly organised drawers, a lack of unnecessary decoration in their homes), but just as many are drawn to the look because their lives are far from ordered and they love the fantasy of a simpler existence!

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This trend most obviously celebrates the spirit of Mexico, which is at the heart of the NAJO brand. Traditional Mexican motifs and elements of the natural world are incorporated into these designs, which feature elaborate patterning, dramatic oxidised silver, vivid turquoise and freshwater pearls. These are pieces designed to be stacked, layered and worn in abundance with flowing silk caftans and maxi dresses – perfect for long, balmy summer evenings.

The hanging earrings, oversized rings, jangling bracelets and bangles, corded pearl bracelets with long ties, statement cuffs embellished with intricate handwork and necklaces with elaborate designs appeal to free spirits. This is jewellery for worldly women who are daring and well-travelled or those who dream of exotic adventures in faraway places.

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3. Edgy

In this no-nonsense style, straight edges and sharp corners are king. Strong, geometric shapes take precedence over organic lines and natural softness. Gleaming sterling silver takes on a bold new look in sleek rows shaped into cuffs and chokers, fine square-edged bangles, cuffs and rings, contemporary bar earrings, sharp-angled studs, unadorned collars, geometric pendants and simply finished rings.

This is the trend for women looking to showcase their strength alongside their femininity. We all have a tough side, just like we all have vulnerable days. After all, isn’t that what being a woman is all about?

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4. Romantic

Amplify your feminine side with unabashed prettiness. Dreamy pearls and mother of pearl, delicate filigree cut-outs, sweet floral patterns and loving heart charms are the signatures of this oh-so-girly collection. It comprises flirtatious hanging earrings, fine charm bracelets, delicate cuffs, intricate pendants and unforgettable rings with a centrepiece of iridescent, shimmering white pearl.

This is a style for women who love and admire romance in all its forms, whether you’re in love, wishing for love, a bride-to-be, celebrating an anniversary or simply a lover of romance in its many creative incarnations including film, literature, art and design. This time-honoured sentiment is portrayed through whimsical curves and curls, hearts, knots, leaves, birds, flowers and teardrops.

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