Whether it’s decorating your home, dressing yourself or adorning your best features, winter style is defined by one thing: texture.

In the same way that chunky cable knits layered with denims and leather signal that it’s time to get cosy, jewellery tends to become more layered, textured and tactile as the weather cools down.

Two types of jewellery texture

There are two key ways to introduce texture via jewellery. The first is through layering different styles and pieces for a collected, relaxed look that’s perfect for the season ahead. The second is via the surface of the jewellery itself.

Layer up

Just as adding extra layers of clothing – scarf, cardi, overcoat – brings warmth and casual chic, so too does grouping unexpected jewellery styles. Pile on bangles for a jangly, cosy ‘arm party’, toss together a mix of pendants and necklaces for an eclectic ‘neck mess’, or stack a few different rings for an arty vibe.

On the surface

Beaten silver is our go-to look for winter. Bright, gleaming sheets of highly polished sterling silver are formed into bangles, pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings and chokers, and then carefully hammered all over by hand to produce a unique shimmering effect. The look is reminiscent of glimmering moonlit oceans or rippling desert sands – romantic and ever-changing. It’s the perfect way to bring warmth and dimension to your winter look.

Warm up to beaten silver

When it comes to sterling silver, smooth tends to feel cool and clean – the ultimate solution to summer styling. On the other hand, beaten or hammered silver has a warm and rustic vibe that offers the ideal counterpoint to chilly winter days.

Its equivalent in fashion would be the cool luxury of smooth sheer silk chiffon for summer versus the cosy comfort of knitted cashmere for winter. Separately, each material is beautiful to wear, touch and admire. Worn together, their individual beauty is enhanced by the contrast of the other.

It’s the same idea when you pair your favourite beaten silver jewellery with some smooth, highly polished designs. Each grows more beautiful by the juxtaposition, creating a gorgeously textured look that’s just right for your winter wardrobe.

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