It’s official: yellow gold is back and better than ever

We’ve witnessed the rise in popularity of rose gold and two-tone jewellery designs, and now fashion trends tell us that yellow gold is finally getting its time in the sun.

You may have noticed that a piece of solid 18 carat gold jewellery will have the stamp “750” on it – this means it contains 75% gold. Yellow gold is seen as the “purest” type of 18-carat gold because it is the closest in colour to 24-carat (or 100%) gold. In contrast, rose gold features portions of copper to give it a pinkish hue, while white gold contains one or many white metals (usually nickel or similar) to give it a platinum colour.

We do yellow gold a little differently…

At NAJO we’ve always been fans of this classic coloured metal, particularly partnered with highly polished sterling silver. The versatility of two-tone jewellery makes it a timeless favourite, effortlessly mixing, matching and layering with other all-silver, all-gold or two-tone pieces in your personal collection.

In this our 30th year of NAJO, we’ve been browsing our vast back catalogues for inspiration to help us tell our unique story. Here are a few of our favourite yellow gold and two-tone pieces from the NAJO archives – which is your favourite?

What’s new – our latest collection

Add a little luxury to your wardrobe this summer with our latest range of yellow gold plated sterling silver designs. Perfectly priced for gifting, these golden-accented creations are inspired by the sun’s rays and are just the thing to set off that summer glow.

Discover drop earrings set with shimmering discs of hammered gold, reminiscent of rippling sand, along with fine pendants, polished bracelets and slim cuffs perfect for stacking with your favourite gold and silver pieces for that breezy holiday vibe.

These sunny pieces make the perfect complement to our popular El Sol collection, which evokes the warmth of endless summer days and the power of our brightest star.

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