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Weeping Woman Earring
From $129.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Boobelah Earring
From $99.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
My Silent Tears Earring
From $89.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Baby Tears Earring
From $59.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Simplicity Bangle
From $179.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Tigger Necklace
From $99.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Cinta Large Hoop Earring
From $119.00
Sterling SilverRose GoldYellow Gold
Cinta Hoop
From $89.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Eddy Hoop
From $79.00
Yellow GoldSterling Silver
Harmony Bracelet
From $69.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Sereno Bracelet
From $199.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Radiance Bracelet
From $129.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold

Synonymous with triumph and royalty, gold’s powerful and positive hue is amplified in this elegant Gold Jewellery Collection. Our talented artisans cloak these sculptural sterling silver designs in rich yellow-gold plating to create an uplifting and confident aesthetic.

Explore the NAJO gold-plated collection to find bold yet classic gold rings, necklaces, and earrings that will become cherished pieces for many years to come. Whether it's a special occasion or you want to add a touch of luxury to your everyday look, our gold and silver jewellery will elevate your style.

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Glistening treasures, inspired by nature's wonder

From our droplet gold earrings to the organic curves of our bamboo bangle, NAJO's gold jewellery designs take the natural beauty of our world, capture its essence in sterling silver, and encase it in precious gold. Let the glimmering glow of gold bring brightness to your life, whether you opt for a simple minimalist design or women's gold jewellery embellished with Mother Earth's finest gifts — semi-precious stones and pearls harvested from the ocean. Designed by a passionate team of adventurers, creatives and artisans, each piece of gold-plated jewellery is lovingly handcrafted by those who are meticulous about detail. Our timeless designs have proven to outlast trends and remain true classics. If you have any questions about our design process or material sourcing, please get in touch with us.

The history and symbolism of gold jewellery

Gold has been treasured for thousands of years and used in ancient cultures to craft sacred artefacts and currency. In the modern era, gold jewellery in Australia is often used to represent success, strength, and prosperity — a reminder of our innate power and potential.

A traditional bridal gift in many cultures, gold jewellery is a beautiful way to express love, loyalty and faithfulness. Gold-plated jewellery maintains the gleam and vibrance of solid gold jewellery at a more affordable price. Whether you choose a timeless gold necklace or an understated promise ring, the subtle shimmer of gold jewellery is a constant reminder of trust, commitment and strength.

No matter your style, our range of gold jewellery for women will have something to suit you. Whatever you want to express with your jewellery, our range of gold bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces are designed to bring long-lasting joy.



What type of women's gold jewellery does NAJO offer?

NAJO's collection of gold jewellery for women ranges from statement rings and chunky bangles to delicate earrings and necklaces made from sterling silver plated in fine gold. With yellow and women's rose gold jewellery to choose from, you can always find a piece that suits your style.

Why should I choose women's gold jewellery from NAJO?

Designed in our studio in Sydney, Australia, and handcrafted by traditional artisans across the world, NAJO's jewellery collection celebrates nature, culture, femininity, and strength. We've been designing and selling gold-plated jewellery since the 1980s, and our commitment to quality, craftsmanship and ethical production has earned us a dedicated following of lovers of Australian gold jewellery.

Is gold jewellery worth the money?

Gold is a timeless metal that adds an element of luxury and sophistication to any outfit. Gold jewellery is also incredibly durable and can last generations. While solid gold jewellery is undoubtedly an investment, gold-plated jewellery and gold-filled jewellery such as the designs in the NAJO collection offer a more budget-friendly alternative that retains the beauty and durability of pure gold.

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