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Kiss Stud Earring
From $59.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Double Beat Stud Earring
From $59.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Eddy Hoop
From $79.00
Yellow GoldSterling Silver
My Silent Tears Earring
From $89.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Cinta Hoop
From $89.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Chichilli Earrings
From $89.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Baby Tears Earring
From $59.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Weeping Woman Earring
From $129.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Nectar Stud Earrings
From $49.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Murmur Stud Earring
From $69.00
Sterling SilverYellow Gold
Cinta Large Hoop Earring
From $119.00
Sterling SilverRose GoldYellow Gold
Whirlpool Hoop Earring
From $149.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold
Moonbow Stud Earrings
From $89.00
Sterling SilverYellow GoldRose Gold

For thousands of years, women have worn earrings to express their femininity, their sensuality, their beauty. With NAJO’s artisan collection of earrings for women, you can make a powerful statement of self-confidence and poise.

Inspired by the spirit of Mexico and the beauty of nature, our handcrafted earrings are designed to captivate the eye and light up any room. From bold women's hoop earrings to delicately intricate petal-shaped studs and simple pearls, our women's earrings are created with a dedication to quality and attention to detail.

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Simple, sophisticated earrings for women

For a minimal, understated look that adds a little sparkle to your day-to-day style, our elegant range of women's studs and huggie earrings will lift your spirits and give you the confidence to take on the world. Opt for simple gold earrings for a classic look, or add a splash of colour with the deep ocean hues of natural turquoise or the dreamy blues of topaz.

With textures and shapes evoking the wild and untamed beauty of nature, our women's earrings channel the strength and power of femininity. Wear as a daily reminder of your connection to the earth, or pair stunning event earrings with an evening outfit for breathtaking glamour.

Timeless treasures of nature

Crafted from precious metals and responsibly sourced jewels, NAJO's sterling silver earrings fuse ancient metalsmithing techniques with modern design to create truly timeless pieces.

Whether you choose sparkling silver, shimmering yellow gold, or feminine rose gold earrings, subtle details and mirror-polished finishes will catch the light and illuminate your beauty.


What earrings are best for my face?

If you have a round face, long drop earrings for women are the best choice, as they create a lengthening illusion. For heart-shaped faces, wide earrings draw the eye outward to balance proportions. Women with strong jawlines and square-shaped faces can soften their profile with curved hoops and flowing shapes. If you have an oval face, you have the most options – any earring shape will look good on you.

Do earrings make you look younger or older?

Earrings generally won't make you look older, but avoid heavy and chunky earrings if you're self-conscious and go for smaller, delicate earrings to achieve a younger look.

Why should I choose women’s earrings from NAJO?

At NAJO, we create beautiful sterling silver jewellery with a unique blend of quality, tradition, and craftsmanship. Handcrafted by our artisans in Mexico, our designs combine natural elements with a contemporary edge, so you can make an unforgettable statement of self-expression. With NAJO, you can buy women's earrings online in Australia with confidence, knowing that each piece is lovingly created with the highest quality materials and care.


Tradition, symbolism, status, protection, style – earrings have conveyed different meanings for millennia. Today, earrings are one of the most potent forms of self-expression, enabling you to creatively and beautifully enhance your look while staying true to your personality. 

Whether you prefer statement hoops, sculptural huggies or delicate studs, our NAJO earring designs exude understated style. Exquisitely crafted, their timeless elegance transcends fashions and seasons, making them slow jewellery pieces you’ll treasure. To help you find your perfect pair, we’ve put together this NAJO Earring Style Guide. 

Welcome to the Ear Party!

The Ear Cuff Collection

Bold and original, our ear cuff collection seamlessly complements our fine jewellery designs, enabling subtle standalone statements or intricately layered expressions.

Experiment wildly, style your own ear party and discover a world of gorgeous new looks. 

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