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Algonquin Necklace (45cm)
Sil/Yell GoldSil/Rose Gold
Idyll Pearl Necklace
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Keep your spirit guide close to your heart with NAJO's collection of necklaces for women. From delicate chains and elegant pendant necklaces to bold statement pieces, our jewellery is forged with love and imbued with tradition, culture, and symbolism.
Light up any room with a sparkling women's necklace from our artisan collection. Our signature styles range from bold geometrics to whimsical charms and mesmerising gemstones. Whether you’re looking for classic gold necklaces for women or something out of the ordinary, you’ll find it in our handcrafted range.
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Nature is our muse

From the delicate perfection of a single drop of water to the intricate curves and textures of a blossoming flower, our women's necklaces are inspired by the wonders of nature. Iridescent freshwater pearls and lush semi-precious gems in our stone necklaces draw on the vibrant colours of the Mexican landscape, while petite chain necklaces evoke a sense of tranquillity. Wear your necklace as a reminder that you are part of something greater than yourself, and never forget your connection to the earth.
Create an impression with necklaces for women NAJO necklaces are the perfect way to finish any outfit. Choose a statement pendant, layer short necklaces and long necklaces together to create an eclectic look, or mix gold with silver for a hint of contrast.

The animalistic symbols of our Totem necklaces are a call to explore your true self and unleash the power within. Whether you identify with the regal lion or the loyal golden bee, these necklaces are a meaningful way to show your personality and inner strength.

Be the star you are

Our women's necklaces are designed to shine as brightly as you do, making them the perfect accessory for any occasion. Go from the beach to the bar with a simple pendant necklace, or sparkle all night long at special gatherings with the breathtaking glamour of gold and the mysterious allure of moonstone. If you're looking for women's necklaces in Australia, whatever your style, you’ll find the perfect statement piece at NAJO.


Should you take necklaces off to shower?

It is recommended to take off any necklace before showering, as soaps and shampoos can damage the finish of your jewellery and cause corrosion and tarnishing. This applies to both gold and sterling silver necklaces.

Should I take my necklace off at night?

It’s best to take off your necklace when you go to bed, as it could become tangled in your hair or catch on your clothing. Taking off your jewellery before sleeping also helps protect against wear and tear.

What type of women’s necklaces does NAJO offer?

NAJO's collection includes everything from delicate fine necklaces to bold event necklaces and statement pieces. Handcrafted by our artisans in Mexico, the range includes rose gold necklaces, chains in gold or silver, and pendants set with precious stones and symbols of ancient power.

Why should I choose women’s necklaces from NAJO?

Whether you're browsing women's necklaces online because you're looking for a gift for a special someone or treating yourself, you can be sure the necklace you choose will be something special. Every piece in our collection has been lovingly crafted from the finest materials and designed with a unique vision. Each necklace comes with its own special story to tell, so if you're looking for women's necklaces in Australia, look no further than NAJO.

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