In a delightful little town perched on a mountainside in Guerrero, Mexico, silver smiths are stamping, hammering and soldering away in workshops, creating jewellery with such artistry and imagination it still takes my breath away. It was this thriving environment, years ago, that inspired me to conceive of what is now Najo.

I have created our new “Collectible” range, Najo’s premium selection of designs, to honour the mastery and ingenuity of the silver smiths of Taxco. Each piece is lovingly hand made in their workshops.

This harmonious group has come about for a few reasons:

First and foremost to ensure the availability of these exquisite designs to a growing band of individuals who appreciate the superb craftsmanship. I also want to preserve the heritage of Mexican silver smithing, and to keep the passion alive. And I want to offer a collection of what I find to be the most harmonious and characteristic of this genre of jewellery.

The collection will continue to grow and change over time but it will always have at its core Najo’s contemporary aesthetic and the mastery of the Mexican silversmiths.

The designs of the “Collectible” range are limited edition.

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