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Anklets are casual jewellery that can be worn with a wide range of outfits, from beachwear to everyday or even slightly more formal attire. Their placement on the ankle adds a subtle and flirtatious touch, drawing attention to the feet and ankles. Our women’s anklets, made from the finest Australian gems and silver, come in various styles — from delicate and minimalistic chains to bold designs.

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NAJO's anklets for women evoke a bohemian or beachy aesthetic to add a touch of laid-back charm to your outfit. Our Mattina Anklet takes inspiration from the beauty of nature, mirroring the delicate rows of glistening dew drops on fresh grass. Crafted with precision, this anklet captures the essence of morning dew, translating it into a masterpiece that exudes luxury.

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For those who seek a harmonious blend of tones, the Algonquin Two-Tone Anklet is a true embodiment of sophistication. Diamond-cut, interspersed golden balls create small notches around each one, resulting in a glittery finish that catches the light with every step. This anklet effortlessly marries classic charm with contemporary flair, making it a statement piece for any occasion.

For minimalists looking for understated elegance, the Vista Silver Anklet is a testament to NAJO's commitment to timeless design. With its clean lines and polished finish, this anklet is a versatile accessory that can seamlessly elevate any outfit and match other accessories like bracelets and bangles.

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As Australia's leading sterling silver design house, NAJO has carved a niche for itself in the world of luxury jewellery. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and passion for timeless design set us apart. Our exclusive anklet collection showcases our dedication to creating pieces that transcend fleeting trends. Each anklet is a testament to embodying elegance, sophistication, and a touch of the extraordinary.

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When you choose NAJO, you not only adorn yourself with a piece of exquisite jewellery but also become part of a legacy that celebrates the artistry of sterling silver. Contact us today and make a statement with anklets and bespoke jewellery sets from NAJO.


What type of women’s anklets does NAJO offer?

NAJO's women's anklet collection epitomises sterling silver craftsmanship and timeless elegance. From the nature-inspired allure of the Mattina Anklet to the two-tone sophistication of the Algonquin and the minimalist charm of the Vista Silver Anklet, each piece reflects the brand's dedication to refinement and individual style.

What else does NAJO offer besides anklets?

In addition to anklets, NAJO offers jewellery sets and a diverse and enchanting range of rings, meticulously crafted to embody timeless elegance and modern allure. Explore our exquisite collections featuring stone-set rings, two-tone rings, classic plain rings, and specialty rings for women, including thumb rings, pinky rings, promise rings, and plus size rings. We also offer gold accessories, including gold bracelets, gold earrings, and gold necklaces.

The NAJO Guide to Anklets

For millennia, anklets have been worn as amulets, symbols and statements of femininity. Ours are odes to beauty and self-expression, designed to ground and connect you to the Earth, or representing eternal self-love – a potent reminder to be as kind to yourself as you are to others.

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