Our Story



“NAJO believes in slow jewellery, not fast fashion. Jewellery that treads lightly yet makes a personal style impact. Our beautiful feel-good pieces use responsibly sourced materials and are ethically crafted in small workshops to last a lifetime and beyond.”

Jo Tory, Creative Director and Founder

Slow, sustainable jewellery for a better world


We believe in slow jewellery, ethically made from responsibly sourced materials that become part of your story for a lifetime and beyond. Sustainability is in our nature because without nature we can’t exist. As well as gifting us precious metals and gemstones for our jewellery, nature inspires our beautiful NAJO designs. That’s why we choose wisely, craft consciously, and evolve constantly to reduce our company footprint and positively impact people, communities, and our planet.

Consciously crafted with love


The NAJO brand has always taken a stand against mass production, preferring to build enduring partnerships with small workshops and artisans who take enormous pride in their craft. They’ve been part of our NAJO family for decades, and we’re proud to create ethical jewellery together. So every time you express yourself with our jewellery, feel good that the piece you wear has been fairly, lovingly, and consciously crafted in small home workshops that are self or family-run. 



Over the years, the NAJO brand has become synonymous with beautiful design and impeccable craftsmanship that magnifies the inherent beauty of our sterling silver, gold, and striking gemstone pieces. Our fine jewellery designs pay homage to the high-quality, ethically sourced precious metals and gemstones we use, gifted to us by nature.

Unboxing a beautifully sustainable experience

100% Beautiful and Recyclable

Our gorgeous packaging is newly updated to celebrate our slow jewellery inspired by nature’s artistry.

In line with our sustainability ethos, these 100% recyclable jewellery boxes are crafted from linen-textured recycled paper and contain no magnets or synthetic foam – even our ribbons are biodegradable!

“I’ve always admired the Seventh Generation Principle, an Indigenous concept that urges us to live and work for the benefit of future generations. I want NAJO to be remembered as the creators of jewellery with beauty and soul that positively impacts people without costing the Earth.”

Jo Tory, Creative Director and Founder

Integrity from mine to jewellery


The majority of our suppliers are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, the recognised standards and certification organisation for supply chain integrity and sustainability in the global jewellery industry. Most of our jewellery designs are crafted using recycled sterling silver, which comes from Umicore, a company dedicated to circular materials technology and sustainable value creation.

Stone artisans that care about the Earth


NAJO’s stunning gemstone jewellery is ethically made in India by artisans who have achieved sustainability standards under ASSOCHAM’s Gem Sustainability Certification Program. Their workshop is equipped with a solar plant to use renewable energy, and they are working towards carbon-neutral processes for our jewellery.