Are you still on the hunt for a great Mother's Day gift? A zodiac sign can provide cues for more than just their personality, it can also shine a light on their personal style as well. We've consulted the stars and put together a great line-up of jewellery gifts for Mother's day, with a suggestion for each of the 12 signs.

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Gift Guide by Sign

A born leader with ambition to boot, the Aries woman always looks fabulous as she works towards their goals. She loves sleek and understated pieces that are comfortable as well as effortlessly stylish. The sterling silver York necklace in rose gold provides the perfect amount of bling to suit her style, whether it's dressed up for a special occasion or worn as a simple chain with a casual look.

It's all about the balance between form and function with this sign. Taureans love to be fashion-forward, but high quality is just as important to them. As they prefer pieces that will last, they tend to be gravitate towards a timeless aesthetic. These Weeping Woman earrings make a statement with a classic design, yet are light enough to wear comfortably for hours on end.

Variety is the spice of life for Geminis, and they love to change up their style every once in a while. These versatile Ramona Turquoise earrings will allow them to do just that - they can be worn as is, or the turquoise beads taken off for a more pared-back look, and one of the beads can even be slipped onto their favourite sterling silver chain and turned into a simple, minimalist pendant for a necklace.

The sentimental nature of Cancerians means they appreciate when there's a story behind the pieces they choose to wear. The Bella Identity bracelet features a delicate chain against a sleek metal bar that holds an engraving of your choice. Whether you choose to engrave a name, a short message or that milestone date, she'll be pleasantly reminded of a great story whenever she wears it.

Creative and passionate, Leo's love to command attention with one-of-a-kind looks. They were born to wear eye-catching pieces and because of this are also known to love vibrant hues. The Josephine necklace in amazonite ticks all the boxes for them with a beautifully stunning blue-green stone set against luxurious 14kt yellow gold plate.

Sophisticated yet practical, understated style is the way to go with Virgo. A lover of timeless silhouettes they can wear time and time again, the freshwater pearls in the Ms Perla earrings channel traditional elegance, giving this iconic huggie-style hoop an update. For those times they prefer a minimalist look, the pearls can be removed and the huggies worn by themselves.

They say Librans are attracted to soft, muted, cooler colours. The Tribute earrings feature a soft blue topaz stone contrasted against the romantic pink hues of rose gold plate. The result is a dreamy colour combination that can take any look from day to night. Blue Topaz is also believed to help build self-confidence, which can help to balance out any indecisiveness Librans struggle with from time to time.

As one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac, Scorpios are drawn to rich and intense colours in their style, particularly in darker palettes. The Josephine earrings in malachite channel dark elegance thanks to its deep colour and the beautifully diverse variations in the natural stones. Often used to attract power & prosperity, Malachite is said to be a good match for Scorpio's confident energy and inner strength to shine through.

Curious and inquisitive at heart, it's within the Sagittarius nature to explore and learn more about everything. Their fascination of travel & other cultures, combined with their love of relaxed elegance, means they can lean towards a more bohemian look in their style. The circular mandala inspired design featured on the Trail ring is a statement piece that's sure to fit well within their existing collection of jewellery sourced from all over.

Polished and poised: Capricorn's style is the epitome of simple sophistication. They love the classics but appreciate a new twist on them. The Provenance earring is not your typical pearl earring: sterling silver has been fashioned into graceful curves to create a design that speaks to sculptural beauty. This truly unique piece also reflects their love of simple neutral colour palettes, seamlessly blending with their existing wardrobe.

Creatively original in their approach to style, you won't catch this sign falling victim to any fashion trends. Trailblazing their own path, they like to experiment with unique design. The Rollo necklace is a breakaway from traditional monotone pieces, and playfully mixes sterling silver with yellow gold plate to create a two-tone look that's as vibrant as it is striking.

Free-spirited and whimsical, the Pisces woman loves to channel femininity and romance in their looks. The rosy hue of the Tranquila stud earring pairs well with the soft, pastel coloured pieces that they're sure to already own. Their petite size also keeps this piece looking dainty and delicate, adding a soft feminine touch to any look.

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