In addition to our core range of classics and favourites, NAJO releases two themed, seasonal jewellery collections each year. It’s our answer to the fluctuations and fun of fashion and, just like catwalk designers, our influences and inspirations come from unexpected places. For the season ahead it’s the raw, rich, rustic beauty of the earth, or ‘la tierra’.

About the designs

Contemporary sterling silver cuffs and collars, substantial bangles, sculptural pendants on black cord, statement rings, two-tone creations, semi-precious stone drop earrings and geometrically shaped hoops are among the treasures to be unearthed in La Tierra.

The shape of things

Defining this latest NAJO collection, perhaps more than any other that has come before it, is shape. Whether it is the geometric, symmetrical profile of crystal formations, the smooth undulating curves of pebbles eroded by forces of nature, or the irregularly jagged figures of rocks and chasms in the earth, the shapes of the semi-precious stones and sculpted sterling silver in these jewellery designs reflect all that is magic in the earth. A new shape to emerge this season is the oversized chain motif crafted into a stunning two-tone cuff and matching ring – equal parts powerful and evocative.

Materials and colours drawn from the elements

When looking to reproduce the beauty of the earth, what could be more fitting than using its own natural gifts? Labradorite perfectly reflects the rich and varied colours found in nature, and usually comes in a gentle grey hue with a hint of iridescent shimmer – a chic complement to polished sterling silver. In one of our most extraordinary new cuffs, a labradorite embellishes one end while the other draws to an asymmetrical silver point, echoing the unexpected angles found in geology.

Black onyx, meanwhile, has been shaped organically and polished to a matte finish to emulate dramatic lava and volcanic rock face. Available as a choker pendant, stud earrings and cocktail ring, the effect is modern, striking and strong.

In contrast to these tonal pairings is the vibrant mix of rose gold plate and sterling silver in our latest two-tone designs. In the context of La Tierra, rose gold sheds its girlish persona to become a rustic symbol of the inimitable red earth of the Australian outback.

La Tierra celebrates the strength of rock and the no-nonsense beauty of the earth – an apt symbol for modern women everywhere.

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